Physics Division Monday Seminars

Argonne National Laboratory

August 1999 - June 2018


Alberto Accardi, Hampton U. and Jefferson Lab.28 Nov 2011 Large-x partons from JLab to the LHC
Dieter Ackermann, university of Mainz11 Nov 2002 Synthesis of Super Heavy Elements -- Status and Developments
Andrei Afanasev, Jefferson Lab28 Nov 2005 Radiative Corrections for Precision Electroweak Probes of Hadronic Structure
Anatoli Afanasjev, Mississippi State U.22 Jan 2001 Cranked Relativistic Hartree-Bogoliubov Theory: rotating nuclei in the paired regime
1 May 2002 Covariant Density Functional Theory and Applications to Nuclei at Extremes
28 Mar 2005 Rotating structures along the N~Z line: what do we really learn from them?
24 Sep 2007 Band termination revisited
26 Apr 2010 Recent advances in covariant density functional theory
19 Nov 2012 Covariant density functional theory: addressing the challenges
14 Dec 2015 Global performance of covariant density functional theory
Pradeep Aggarwal, International Atomic Energy Agency24 Oct 2011 Isotopes in Hydrology: Building a Scientific Basis for Water Resource Management
Irshad Ahmad, ANL Physics 8 Jan 2001 Characterization of Levels in Heaviest Known Nuclei
23 Oct 2006 Detailed Spectroscopy of the Transcurium Nuclei
Tan Ahn, University of Notre Dame 16 Jan 2017Searching for Clusters in Nuclei Using Radioactive Beams and Active Targets
Mark Alford, Washington U., St. Louis28 Sep 2009 Quark matter in neutron stars
Reinhard Alkofer, Tuebingen U.15 Sep 2003 Aspects of Confinement: QCD Green's Functions and Their Application to Hadron Physics
Sergio Almaraz, Florida State University 25 Sep 2017 The Influence of the 26Al 0+ Isomer on the Destruction of Galactic 26Al
Hanan Amro, Notre Dame18 Oct 2006 The (7Be,3He) Reaction: A New Tool for Alpha-Transfer Studies
Bryon Anderson, Kent State U., Ohio 3 Mar 2008 The Electric Form Factor of the Neutron: Past, Present, and Future
J. M. Allmond, Oak Ridge National Laboratory 9 Oct 2017 Triaxial Deformation, Shape Evolution, and the Emergence of Collectivity
Andrei Andreyev, TRIUMF30 Oct 2006 Towards the New Island of Strong Deformation Above the Shell Closure at Z = 82 and in the Vicinity of the Neutron Mid-Shell at N = 104
Ani Aprahamian, U. of Notre Dame 7 Nov 2011 Sensitivity of the r-process to masses
David Armstrong, William and Mary College 4 Dec 2017 Precision Measurement of the Proton's Weak Charge
Whitney R. Armstrong, ANL Physics Div.21 Mar 2016 QCD Confinement: Measuring Color Forces in the Nucleon and Nuclei
15 Dec 2016 The ALERT Experiments: EIC nuclear physics before the EIC
Igor Aronson, ANL Materials Science Div. 9 Feb 2015 Phase-field model of collective cell migration
John Arrington, ANL Physics Div.18 Feb 2002 Scaling in Inclusive e-A Scattering: Broken Promises and Untapped Potential
2 Feb 2004 The Proton Electromagnetic Form Factors...50 Years Later
12 Mar 2007 New measurements of the EMC effect in few-body nuclei
10 Sep 2012 Short-Range Correlations and Connections to the EMC effect
Juha Aysto, U. of Jyvaskyla 5 Apr 2010 Penning Trap Mass Spectrometry of Exotic Nuclei

Sonia Bacca, TRIUMF25 Jan 2016 Computing the Heart of Matter
Birger Back, ANL Physics Div.16 Apr 2001 New Results from PHOBOS
10 Nov 2008 First results from HELIOS
8 Oct 2012 Recent Experiments on Fusion Reactions
Stefan Baessler, University of Virginia 10 Oct 2016 Fundamental Physics with Cold Neutrons at the Spallation Neutron Source - the Nab experiment
Daniel Bardayan, U. of Notre Dame31 Mar 2008 Studies of (d,p) reactions on radioactive beams at HRIBF
9 Mar 2015 Nova Nucleosynthesis and Production of the Radioisotope 18F
Nir Barnea, Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem 4 Feb 2008 The Lorentz Integral Transform (LIT) method and its application to inelastic reactions on light nuclei
Daniel Baye, Bruxelles 7 Mar 2005 Dynamical studies of the breakup of halo nuclei
Daniel Bazin, NSCL, MSU14 Nov 2005 Absolute Spectroscopic Factors from Nucleon Knockout with Radioactive Projectiles
Keith Bechtol, U. of Wisconsin28 Sep 2015 Exploring the Nature of Dark Matter with Ultra-Faint Galaxies
Douglas Beck, U. of Illinois, Urbana 7 Nov 2005 Contributions of Strange Quarks to Hadron Structure
4 Oct 2010 Results from the Backward Angle G0 Experiment
Bivash Ranjan Behera, INFN, Padova, Italy (Special)12 Aug 2003 The Role of Entrance Channel Properties in Fission Fragment Angular Distribution Studies
John Behr, TRIUMF 9 Jan 2006 Wrong-handed interactions via spin-polarized atom traps
Michael Bender, ANL Physics25 Oct 2004 Ground-state Correlations and Spectroscopy from Configuration Mixing of Symmetry-restored Self-consistent Mean-field States
Paul Benioff, ANL Physics19 Feb 2007 Fields of reference frames based on spaces of quantum representations of numbers
Dan Berkovits, SOREQ NRC11 Jan 2010 SARAF phase-I p/d SC linac and liquid lithium target commissioning
Jan C. Bernauer, MIT18 Oct 2010 The Mainz High-Precision Proton Form Factor Measurement
Aron Bernstein, MIT21 May 2001 Electromagnetic Pion Production Experiments and Chiral Symmetry
19 Sep 2011 Measurement of the neutral pion lifetime: QCD Axial Anomaly and Chiral Symmetry
Larry Ahle & Lee Bernstein, LLNL17 Jul 2002 Using RIA to Perform Experiments Relevant to Science Based Stockpile Stewardship (SBSS)
Michael V. Berry, Bristol U.20 Feb 2007 Optical vorticulture
Carlos A. Bertulani, Michigan State U. 7 May 2001 Coherent E/M fields in collisions with relativistic heavy ions
13 May 2002 Reactions with Unstable Nuclear Beams
Ikaros Bigi, Notre Dame27 Apr 2009 "This Year a New Era Has Commenced & You Can Say You Have Been Present" -- Goethe, the Cannonade of Valmy and Charm Dynamics
Michael Bishof, ANL Physics Div.19 Jan 2015 The First Experimental Limit on the EDM of 225Ra
4 Jan 2016 A New Year, A New Limit on the 225Ra EDM
Jeff Blackmon, ORNL15 Dec 2003 Nucleosynthesis in Novae and Supernovae
Bertram Blank, CEN, and ANL Physics 9 Sep 2002 First Observation of Two-Proton Radioactivity from 45Fe
Klaus Blaum, U. of Heidelberg17 Feb 2014 New techniques for Penning-trap mass spectrometry
Ed Blucher, U. Chicago13 Mar 2006 The Braidwood Neutrino Experiment
Georg Bollen, Michigan State Univ.21 Apr 2008 Penning trap mass measurements of rare isotope beams from projectile fragmentation.
Donald Booth, University of Wisconsin, Madison 14 May 2018 Hybrid Quantum Interface Between Neutral Atomsand a Superconducting Resonator
Peter von Brentano, IKP university zu Koln 3 Dec 2002 Crossing and Anti-crossing of Energies and Widths of Interacting Unbound States
Raul Briceno, Jefferson Lab. 29 Jan 2018 Few-Hadron Systems from QCD
Maxime Brodeur, Michigan State U.25 Jun 2012 Mass measurements and surfing of the shortest-lived nuclei
Stan Brodsky, SLAC30 Mar 2015 Novel QCD Phenomena and New Perspectives for Hadron Physics from Light-Front Holography
B. Alex Brown, Michigan State U.15 Apr 2002 Open Problems in Nuclear Structure
Edward Brown, U. of Chicago 8 Sep 2003 Nuclear Burning on Accreting Neutron Stars
Louis Bruch, U. of Wisconsin, Madison 1 Oct 2001 Dimer and Trimer Formation in 4He Jets
Carl Brune, Ohio U. 3 Dec 2001 The 12C(alpha,gamma)16O Reactionn Rate: Recent Results and Future Prospects
21 Feb 2011 The First Proton-Transfer Study of 18F+p Resonances Relevant for Novae
Dmitry Budker, LBNL15 Sep 2005 Atomic magnetometers four decades later: some new techniques and applications
Volker Burkert, Jefferson Lab16 Nov 2015 What nucleon resonances teach us about nucleon structure
Karen Byrum, ANL High Energy Physics Div.13 May 2013 Recent Results from VERITAS
Adam Bzdak, BNL23 Sep 2013 Local parity violation in heavy-ion collisions at RHIC and LHC

Roberto Capote, International Atomic Energy Association, Vienna 13 Nov 2017 Reference Cross Sections for Charged-Particle Monitor Reactions
Mark A. Caprio, U. of Notre Dame25 Mar 2002 Experiments on critical point nuclei
3 Dec 2007 Excited state quantum phase transitions
Joe Carlson, LANL29 Oct 2001 Electroweak Processes in Light Nuclei
Michael Carpenter, ANL Physics 2 Apr 2001 Spectroscopy at the Proton Drip Line
1 Dec 2003 Shape Coexistence in the Pb-Region
26 Feb 2007 Approaching 78Ni along the N=50 line
Rick Casten, Yale U.10 Apr 2006 Equilibrium Phase Transitions and Critical Point Phenomena in Nuclei
24 Jan 2011 Symmetries and Simple Patterns in Nuclei
Gordon D. Cates, U. of Virginia 5 Nov 2012 A New Window into Nucleon Structure: Flavor-Decomposed Form Factors
David Chamulak, ANL Physics Div. 6 Dec 2010 Fire and Iron: Metallicity and Thermonuclear Supernovae
Clarence Chang, ANL HEP10 Feb 2014 New measurements of CMB polarization with the South Pole Telescope
Robert Charity, Washington Univ., St. Louis10 Sep 2007 Resonance decay spectroscopy with 12Be and 10C beams: two-proton decay, molecular resonances and other curiosities
Richard Chasman, ANL Physics Div.15 Mar 2004 Neutron-Proton Pairing in Nuclei
1 Mar 2010 Pair Vibrational States in the presence of n-p pairing
Alan Chen, McMaster U.13 Nov 2006 Probing galactic gamma emitters with ion beams at TRIUMF
Jia-Er Chen, Institute of Heavy Ion Physics, Peking U.30 Aug 2004 R&D Activities on Accelerator Physics & Technology at IHIP, Peking University
Jian-Ping Chen, Jefferson Laboratory 1 May 2017 Nucleon spin-flavor and 3-D momentum structure study at JLab
Chris Chiara , Army Research Lab. 30 Oct 2017 First Experimental Evidence of Nuclear Excitation by Electron Capture
Cheng Chin, U. of Chicago23 May 2006 Evidence for Efimov States in an Ultracold Gas of Atoms
Aaron Chou, Fermilab23 Nov 2015 Search for axion radio broadcasts from galaxies (Tentative)
Partha Chowdhury, U. of Massachusetts Lowell 9 Feb 2004 Add Neutrons and Stir: Heavy Hafnia at High Spins
11 Apr 2011 Heavy Element Spectroscopy via Inelastic and Transfer Reactions
M. Eric Christy, Hampton U. 7 Apr 2008 New Experimental studies of high-x nucleon structure functions at low Q2 and beyond
5 Mar 2012 Measuring nucleon properties via neutrino scattering with MINERvA
Pinghan Chu, Los Alamos National Laboratory 29 Nov 2016 Majorana Demonstrator and New Physics Searches
Timothy Chupp, U. of Michigan21 Oct 2013 The Radon-EDM Experiment
Vincenzo Cirigliano, LANL 9 Nov 2015 Low Energy Probes of New Physics
Jason Clark, ANL Physics Div.19 Jan 2004 Precise Mass Measurements Along the rp-Process
20 Nov 2006 Nuclear physics measurements for models of novae and x-ray bursts
2 Jun 2014 Ion traps for astrophysics
Ian Cloët, ANL Physics Div.16 Jul 2015 Chiral Symmetry and its Consequences in the Standard Model
Ian Cloet, U. Washington20 Oct 2008 The in-medium nucleon: form factors, quark distributions and beyond
Martha Constantinou, Temple University 6 Mar 2017 The proton spin puzzle from Lattice QCD
Zack Conway, ANL Physics Div.11 Jun 2007 Properties of Superconducting Triple-Spoke-Loaded Accelerator Cavities
7 Oct 2013 Current Challenges and Physics of Superconducting Radio-Frequency Accelerator Cavities
23 Apr 2018 Superconducting Half-Wave Resonator Development and Their Physical Limitations
Peter Cooper, Fermilab 28 May 2009 COUPP: The Chicagoland Observatory for Underground Particle Physics
Sean Couch, Michigan State University 20 Feb 2017 Frontiers in Massive Stellar Death
Manoel Couder, U. of Notre Dame19 May 2014 Experimental investigation of Helium capture reactions of astrophysical interest
Heather Crawford, LBNL17 May 2012 Pushing Towards the Neutron Dripline: The Nuclear Structure of 40Mg and 64Cr
Volker Crede, Florida State U.29 Nov 2010 Experimental Overview of the N* Program: What have we learned about the excited states of the nucleon?
24 Apr 2017 The Nucleon under the Microscope: Baryon Spectroscopy and the progress toward understanding the Baryon Resonance Spectrum

Michael Döring, The George Washington U.15 Dec 2014 Baryon spectroscopy: new results and perspectives
C. Eric Dahl, U. of Chicago17 Oct 2011 The COUPP Dark Matter Search-Results from the first year of deep underground running
Pawel Danielewicz, Michigan State U. 5 Oct 2015 Symmetry Energy: From Nuclei to Neutron Stars
Vivek Datar, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India23 May 2016 Melting of Shell Effects and Radiative Decay from the Tiniest Rotor
Helena David, ANL Physics Div.23 Feb 2015 Enhanced fission stability of K isomers in superheavy nuclei: the case of 254Rf
Cary Davids, ANL Physics29 Nov 1999 Decay Rates of Spherical and Deformed Proton Emitters
17 Sep 2001 Recent Results in Proton Radioactivity: Experimental and Theoretical
17 Oct 2005 New results in proton radioactivity: observation of the deformed proton emitter 121Pr
David J. Dean, ORNL21 Feb 2008 Progress and challenges in the theory of nuclei
Paul Debevec, university of Illinois, Urbana21 Oct 2002 Below a Part Per Million: Current Status of the Muon g-2 Experiment and Theory
Catherine Deibel, ANL Physics Div.28 Feb 2011 X-Ray Burst Nucleosynthesis: Studying the (α,p)-process at ATLAS
Brian DeMarco, U. of Illinois, Urbana 1 Mar 2004 Progress Toward Scalable Trapped Ion Quantum Computing
Oleg Denisov, INFN Torino22 Nov 2010 COMPASS-II (CERN, SPS) Program: Probing Hadron Structure in a Polarised Drell-Yan Experiment
Andrei Derevianko, U. of Nevada at Reno16 Sep 2013 Magic, Precise and Electroweak
Willem H. Dickhoff, Washington U., St. Louis21 May 2007 Asymmetry dependence of nucleon correlations
Markus Diefenthaler, Jefferson Laboratory 17 Nov 2016 Realizing the Electron-Ion Collider at Jefferson Lab
Matt Dietrich, Northwestern U.14 Jan 2013 Progress on the Radium EDM Experiment
12 May 2015 The Search for Radium's Electric Dipole Moment
Sean Dobbs, Northwestern U. 21 Nov 2016 Photoproduction of Exotics and Charm at GlueX
Frank Dohrmann, ANL Physics18 Dec 2001 Hyperon-Nucleon Boundstates and Quasifree Distributions in Electroproduction of Strangeness on Light Nuclei
Tom Dombeck, Fermilab 4 Mar 2002 Planning the Next Linear Collider
Evangeline Downie, George Washington U.20 Jan 2014 Investigating the Nucleon via Compton Scattering
18 Sep 2017 MUSEing About the Proton Radius
George Dracoulis, Australian National U., Canberra30 May 2008 Triple Core-Excitations and High-Spin Isomers in 212Rn
Joaquín Drut, LANL10 Feb 2011 The Unitary Fermi Gas and the Challenge of Simple Quantum Mechanics
Thomas Duguet, ANL Physics22 Mar 2004 Nuclear Density-Functional: From Normal to Soft Systems
Bob Dunford, ANL Chemical Sciences and Engineering24 Feb 2003 Two Photon Transitions in Atomic Inner Shells
2 Mar 2009 Parity Nonconservation in Hydrogen Revisited
Raphael Dupre, ANL Physics Div.12 Sep 2011 Quark Fragmentation and Hadron formation in Nuclear Matter

Hiro Ejiri, RCNP, Osaka U., Japan11 Sep 2000 Neutrino masses and solar neutrinos by double- and inverse-beta decays of 100Mo
13 May 2008 Neutrino studies by double beta decay, the MOON experiment, and neutrino induced nuclear responses
Andrey Elagin, U. of Chicago 7 Mar 2016 Directional Liquid Scintillator Detector for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay
Charlotte Elster, The Ohio U.12 Nov 2007 Poincaré Invariant Three-body Scattering
Jonathan Engel, U. of North Carolina 3 Apr 2006 Nuclear Time-Reversal Violation and Atomic Electric-Dipole Moments
14 Feb 2011 Nuclear Theory for Double-Beta Decay
Michael Engelhardt, New Mexico State University 5 Feb 2018 Lattice QCD Investigations of Quark Transverse Momentum in Hadrons
Bela Erdelyi, ANL Physics Div. and Northern Illinois U. 4 Apr 2005 Differential Algebra and Its Applications to Beam Optics.
9 Jan 2012 Development of Ion Accelerator Complex for Medium Energy Ion-Electron Collider at JLAB
Henning Esbensen, ANL Physics Div.21 Jan 2002 Higher-order Effects in Two-body Breakup Reactions
29 Jan 2007 The Influence of Multiphonon Excitations and Nuclear Incompressibility on Heavy-ion Fusion Reactions
5 Oct 2009 Coulomb Dissociation of 15C and Radiative Neutron Capture on 14C
12 Nov 2012 Fusion Reactions
Jutta Escher, LLNL23 Mar 2011 Nuclear Reactions for Astrophysics and Other Applications

Michael A. Famiano, Western Michigan Univ., Kalamazoo 8 Oct 2007 Current results and plans for isotopic observables of the asymmetry term of the nuclear EOS
Salvatore Fazio, Brookhaven National Laboratory 1 Dec 2016 An Uncharted Territory, Imaging the Structure of the Proton in Multi-Dimensions
Howard Fenker, TJNAF15 Oct 2007 BoNuS: A GEM-Based Radial TPC for Tagging Target Fragments
Paul Fenter, ANL Chemical Sciences and Engineering Div.13 Jan 2014 Imaging Structures and Processes at Solid-Liquid Interfaces with X-rays
Brad Filippone, Caltech21 Mar 2005 The neutron electric dipole moment
12 Mar 2012 Ultra-cold Neutrons
Susan Fischer, Depaul U. and ANL Physics18 Sep 2000 Delayed Alignment in N=Z Nuclei: An Experimental Fact, But What Does it Mean?
4 Dec 2006 Shape changes, np-pairing and isospin symmetry: Adventures in the mass-80 region
Victor Flambaum, Univ. of New South Wales, Sidney and ANL Physics26 Jan 2004 Parity and Time Reversal Violation in Atoms and Nuclei and Search for Physics Beyond the Standard Model
13 Aug 2007 Variation of Fundamental Constants from Big Bang to Atomic Clocks
David Flay, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 27 Nov 2017 The Precision Magnetic Field for the Muon g - 2 Experiment at Fermilab
Nadia Fomin, LANL 3 Oct 2011 First Results from the NPDGamma Experiment at the Spallation Neutron Source
Antonio C. Fonseca, U. of Lisbon26 Sep 2005 Fully converged treatment of Coulomb interaction in three-nucleon reactions with two protons
Joseph A. Formaggio, MIT30 Nov 2015 Morning Chirps: Using Frequency-Based Techniques to Measure Neutrino Mass
Stefan Frauendorf, university of Notre Dame18 Oct 1999 Symmetries of the Proton - Neutron Pairfield and Consequences for Rotational Spectra
26 Mar 2001 New discrete symmetries of the rotating nucleus
9 Dec 2002 The Nature of Proton-Neutron Pair Correlations
Stuart Freedman, LBNL12 Mar 2001 Solving the Solar Neutrino Problem in the Laboratory at KamLAND
2 Apr 2002 KamLAND: A Now-running Long-baseline Neutrino-oscillation Experiment
Sean J. Freeman, U. Manchester16 Dec 2002 Deformation Effects and Nuclear Structure in Neutron-deficient Nuclei above Z=82
3 Feb 2006 Neutron-rich nuclei with fusion reactions
Sewart Freeman, Standford U. School of Medicine14 Feb 2000 Ultrasensitive Detection of 41Ca Tracer and Opportunities for Combating Osteoporosis
James Friar, LANL11 Oct 2004 The Nuclear Physics of Precise Atomic Spectroscopy
Rainer Fries, U. Minnesota18 Oct 2004 Energy loss in Nuclear Matter
Dick Furnstahl, Ohio State U. 6 Jun 2005 Density Functional Theory from Effective Field Theory

Alexandra Gade, Michigan State U.13 Oct 2003 Coulomb Excitation with Fast Exotic Beams
8 May 2006 Nuclear structure studies with fast exotic beams
8 Nov 2010 Tracking the Evolution of Shell Structure with In-Beam Nuclear Spectroscopy
2 May 2016 News on the nuclear structure of neutron-rich nuclei at and beyond N=28
Leonard Gamberg, Penn. State U. 8 Jun 2017 The 3-D Partonic Structure of the Nucleon
Stefano Gandolfi, LANL14 Apr 2011 Quantum Monte Carlo Study of Strongly Correlated Fermions: Neutron Matter, Neutron Stars and Cold Atoms
Haiyan Gao, MIT and Duke U.28 Oct 2002 Charged Pion Photoproduction at Jefferson Lab
Alejandro Garcia, U. of Notre Dame26 Nov 2001 The e-nu Correlation as a Tool to Search for New Physics
Susan Gardner, U. Kentucky30 Mar 2009 Shedding Light on Dark Matter
Umesh Garg, university of Notre Dame18 Nov 2002 Compressional-mode Giant Resonances and the Nuclear Incompressibility
Paul Garrett, U. of Guelph16 Nov 2009 Do nuclei vibrate?
Gerry Garvey, LANL11 Dec 2000 Some results from p-A Drell-Yan Experiments at FNAL
Dave Gaskell, Jefferson Lab29 Jan 2001 Charged Pion Electroproduction from H, 2H, and 3He
11 May 2015 Exploring the Electromagnetic Structure of the Pion
Don Geesaman, ANL Physics Div.21 Nov 2011 QCD and Nuclei
Hans Geissel, GSI, Darmstadt14 Oct 2002 Experiments with Exotic Atoms and Exotic Nuclei at the FRS
Don Gemmell, ANL Physics30 Sep 2002 Controlled Energy Release from Nuclear Isomers? The Situation in 178Hf
Alexandros Gezerlis, U. of Guelph17 Feb 2011 Bridging the Gap: Fermions in Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics
27 Oct 2014 Quantum Monte Carlo with chiral Effective Field Theory Interactions
Jerry Gilfoyle, U. of Richmond, Virginia 1 Jun 2009 Measuring the Electromagnetic Structure of the Neutron
Sowjanya Gollapinni, U. Tennessee 7 May 2018 The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
Steven Gottlieb, Indiana U.31 Jan 2005 Lattice QCD Comes of Age
Harvey Gould, LBNL27 Sep 2004 Electron Electric Dipole Moment (EDM) Search and Polarizability Measurement using a Laser-Cooled Cesium-Atom Fountain
Tuomas Grahn, U. of Jyvaskyla14 Sep 2015 Studies of shape coexistence in heavy atomic nuclei using complementary techniques
Brent Graner, U. of Washington18 Jan 2016 Updated Measurement of the Permanent Electric Dipole Moment (EDM) of 199Hg
Giorgio Gratta, Stanford U.16 Jan 2012 Two-neutrino double-beta decay in EXO
John Greene, ANL Physics Div.16 Dec 2013 Recent Activities in the Target Laboratory
Lars Groening, GSI 3 Oct 2016 The Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) and related developments for heavy-ion linear accelerators
Jeff Guest, ANL CNM Div.16 Jan 2006 Laser-trapped radium atoms and the path to a next generation electric dipole moment search
14 Oct 2013 Towards atomic-scale understanding and control of optically-active nanoscale systems

Salman Habib, Argonne High Energy Physics 8 Jan 2018 Modeling the Universe: The ExaSky Project
Greg Hackman, TRIUMF29 Nov 2004 8pi at ISAC
Kawtar Hafidi, ANL Physics27 Nov 2000 Highlights from HERMES
10 Mar 2003 News from HERMES
5 Feb 2007 Partonic propagation through strongly interacting systems
Paul Hamilton, U. California, Berkeley28 Apr 2015 What Can Atomic, Molecular and Optical (AMO) Experiments Tell Us About the Universe?
Jeff Hangst, university of Aarhus11 Apr 2001 The ATHENA Experiment at CERN - Antihydrogen Production and Spectroscopy
John Hardy, Texas A&M U.17 Nov 2014 Testing the Standard Model via Superallowed Nuclear Beta Decay
John W. Harris, Yale U., New Haven, CT (Special)27 Feb 2004 Ideas for a Comprehensive New Detector for In-Depth Study of the QGP, Initial Conditions and Spin Physics at RHIC II
Daryl Hartley, Naval Academy, Annapolis MD21 Sep 2009 Do Tetrahedral Shaped Nuclear States Exist?
Michael Hass, The Weizmann Institute of Science 8 Jan 2007 Low-Energy Nuclear Astrophysics - the Fascinating Region of A=7
Karsten Heeger, U. of Wisconsin11 Dec 2006 Understanding Neutrino Mass and Mixing: Prospects for Precision Neutrino Physics at Low Energies
18 Mar 2013 Probing the Nature of Neutrinos
Paul-Henri Heenen, Free U. of Brussels31 May 2002 Skyrme Mean-Field Approach to Nuclear Structure: Recent Developments and Applications
Alexander Heger, university of Chicago10 Feb 2003 Evolution and Nucleosynthesis of Massive Stars
Katrin Heitmann, High Energy Physics and Mathematics and Computer Science Divs., ANL 8 Feb 2016 Unlocking the Mysteries of the Universe with Supercomputers
Heiko Hergert, Michigan State University 15 May 2017 Frontiers in Nuclear Structure Theory
Or Hen, Tel and Aviv U.18 Aug 2014 Short-range correlations in imbalanced Fermi systems
Bent Herskind, Niels Bohr Inst., Copenhagen17 Sep 2007 Population and Decay of Hyperdeformed Rotational Structures in Nuclei around A=125
David Hertzog, U. of Washington15 Dec 2008 Precision Muon Physics: New Results and Future Prospects
23 Jan 2012 Muon Lifetime
Hanne Heylen, Max-Planck-Institut, Germany 31 Jul 2017 Shedding a Light on the Nuclear Structure of Exotic Nuclei: Collinear Laser Spectroscopy at ISOLDE-CERN
Kenneth Hicks, NSF and Ohio U.25 Aug 2003 Evidence for an Exotic Baryon: The S=+1 Pentaquark
7 Dec 2015 Now Pentaquarks, What Next??
Morten Hjorth-Jensen, U. of Oslo & Michigan State U.11 Feb 2002 Pairing correlations in nuclear systems, from neutron stars to finite nuclei
5 Jun 2013 Living on the edge of stability, the limits of the nuclear landscape
C.R. Hoffman, Z.-T. Lu, D.F. Geesaman, (etc.), ANL Physics Div.29 Apr 2013 What Was Interesting at the Denver APS Meeting
Calem Hoffman, ANL Physics Div. 8 Jun 2012 Characterizing shell evolution in the neutron-rich oxygen isotopes
David Hofman, U. of Illinois, Chicago25 Oct 1999 Collisions of Relativistic Gold Nuclei at the AGS
1 Oct 2007 Creating the Quark Gluon Plasma with Heavy Ion Collisions
14 Dec 2009 Heavy-ion physics with CMS and the start, and re-start, of the LHC
Roy J. Holt, ANL Physics Div. 2 Apr 2007 The Quest for Structure Functions at High Bjorken x
17 Sep 2012 Medium Energy Physics (Presentation to the Tribble Committee)
Chuck Horowitz, Indiana U.13 Dec 1999 Parity Violating Measurements of Neutron Densities
17 Nov 2008 The Lead Radius Experiment (PREX) at Jefferson Laboratory and Neutron Rich Matter in the Heavens and on Earth
Huan Z. Huang, U. of California, Los Angeles10 Oct 2011 Probes of QCD Matter at RHIC with Strange and Heavy Quarks
Garth Huber, U. of Regina, Canada 9 May 2016 Deep Exclusive p(e, e'π+)n Studies at Jefferson Lab
Patrick Huber, Virginia Tech 1 Dec 2014 Sterile Neutrinos -- Fact or Fiction?
Mark Huyse, Catholic U. of Leuven, Belgium 4 Nov 2003 Disentangling the 70Ni-70Cu-70Zn Decay Chain by Using Resonant Laser Ionization and Selective Detection Techniques
Charles Hyde, Old Dominion U.24 Nov 2014 Three-Dimensional Imaging of Quarks and Gluons

Franco Iachello, Yale U.10 May 2002 Quantum Phase Transitions in Nuclei
Yuichi Ichikawa, RIKEN Nishina Center 8 Nov 2017 Nuclear Moment Measurements using Spin-Aligned RI Beam at RIBF
Hironori Iwasaki, Michigan State U.12 May 2014 Shape evolution in exotic nuclei studied via lifetime measurements with GRETINA

Hal Jackson, ANL Physics Div. 5 Jan 2004 What Can HERMES Say About the Pentaquark?
19 May 2008 Strange quarks in the proton
17 Jan 2011 Quarks Spinning in the Proton: What Have We Learned from HERMES?
Peter Jacobs, LBNL 3 Mar 2014 QCD jets in QCD matter: why they are interesting, why measuring them is difficult, and how to do it right (perhaps)
Robert L. Jaffe, MIT27 Oct 2003 Exotic Diquark Spectroscopy
Prashanth Jaikumar, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India and ANL Physics 1 May 2006 Strange goings-on in quark matter at high density
2 Jun 2008 Neutron stars: Astrophysical test-beds for nuclear and sub-nuclear physics
Robert Janssens, ANL Physicis20 Sep 2004 New Shell Structure in Neutron-Rich Nuclei Above Doubly-Magic 48Ca
David Jenkins, U. of York, UK19 Nov 2001 Heavy Ion Radiative Capture: A study of the 12C(12C,gamma) reaction using Gammasphere
7 May 2007 New Techniques for Probing Nuclear Shapes Around A~70
Simon Jerome, National Physical Lab., UK26 Aug 2013 Standardisation of radioactivity
Xiangdong Ji, Shanghai Jiao Tong U.17 Nov 2003 Quantum Phase-Space "Tomography" of the Quarks in the Proton
30 Oct 2013 Computing parton physics on a lattice
Cheng-Lie Jiang, ANL Physics19 Nov 2007 Recent progress in heavy-ion fusion hindrance at extreme sub-barrier energies
Wei Jiang, ANL Physics Div.31 Oct 2011 ATTA-3: A Significantly Improved Atom Counter for Radio-Krypton Dating
Sereres Johnston, U. of Massachusetts, Amherst 6 Jun 2016 Search for double beta decays of 136Xe to excited states of 136Ba with EXO-200
Kate Jones, U. of Tennessee12 Dec 2011 Transfer reactions in the new old-fashioned way

Hiroyuki Kamano, Jefferson Lab.15 Mar 2010 New understanding of nucleon resonances : Results from the Excited Baryon Analysis Center
Elliot Kanter, ANL Chemistry15 Jan 2007 Dynamics of Transient Laser-Produced Plasmas
Rituparna Kanungo, St. Mary's U., Halifax18 Sep 2006 Spectroscopic studies of unstable nuclei and modification of shell structure
24 Nov 2008 Shell Structure and halo features in neutron-rich nuclei probed through nucleon transfer and nucleon knockout reactions
18 Apr 2011 Reaction Spectroscopy with Re-accelerated and Relativistic Beams of Neutron-rich Nuclei
Joseph Kapusta, Univ. of Minnesota25 Feb 2008 Physics at RHIC
Lisa Kaufman, U. of Maryland22 Sep 2008 Searching for Double Beta Decay with the Enriched Xenon Observatory
8 Feb 2010 A Miner Challenge: Searching for Double Beta Decay 2150 ft Underground in New Mexico
Benjamin Kay, U. of York19 Oct 2009 Tracking the evolution of single-particle strength
21 May 2012 Evolution of single-particle energies - studies with stable and radioactive beams
Laurens Keek, Michigan State U. 4 Mar 2013 Rare X-ray bursts and superbursts from neutron stars
Michael Kelly, ANL Physics Div.16 Feb 2004 Cavity Development for RIA
10 Oct 2005 Cavity Processing for RIA and the International Linear Collider
24 Mar 2014 First Performance Results for the ATLAS Intensity Upgrade Cryomodule
Cynthia Keppel, Hampton U.28 Aug 2003 An Effective Free Neutron Target for Nucleon Structure Measurements: The Upcoming BONUS Experiment at Jefferson Lab
2 Dec 2013 Neutron Structure at Large x
Boris Keyser, Fermilab12 May 2003
Teng Lek Khoo, ANL Physics18 Mar 2002 Excited Bands within a Superdeformed Secondary Minimum
21 Apr 2003
31 Oct 2005 Limits of stability and structure of superheavy nuclei
21 Jan 2008 Ergodic bands and motional narrowing in excited superdeformed states
6 Apr 2009 Superheavy nuclei: structure, magic gaps & tests of theory
Paul Kienle, Technical U. of Munich 8 Oct 2001 Pions in Nuclei, Probes of Chiral Symmetry Restoration
Bernhard Adams & Kwang-Je Kim, ANL Advanced Photon Source 7 Jan 2013 Sub-Ångström Cavity stabilization of an x-ray free-electron laser oscillator and metrology with nuclear resonance
Sanghoon Kim, ANL Physics Div.14 Mar 2016 Superconducting Higher Harmonic RF Cavity for the APS Upgrade Electron Storage Rings
Leo Kirsch, U.C. Berkeley 21 Aug 2017 Shedding a Light on the Nuclear Structure of Exotic Nuclei: Collinear Laser Spectroscopy at ISOLDE-CERN
Andreas Knecht, U. of Washington14 Sep 2009 Towards a New Measurement of the Neutron Electric Dipole Moment
9 May 2011 Using Ultra-cold Neutrons for Fundamental Physics
Dale Knutson, Pacific Northwest National Lab.11 Apr 2002 Opportunities - Beyond the Science in Major Facility Design and Construction
James Kolata, U. of Notre Dame20 Sep 1999 Reactions of Halo Nuclei Near the Coulomb Barrier: New Experimental Results
12 May 2008 Transfer, breakup, and fusion reactions of exotic light nuclei
Noemie Koller, Rutgers U.11 Mar 2002 Zooming in on the competition between single particle and collective excitations via magnetic moment measurements
Yury Kolomensky, UC Berkeley12 Oct 2015 Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay Searches with CUORE and CUPID
Oleg Korobkin, Los Alamos National Laboratory 5 Mar 2018 Nuclear Physics with Neutron Star Mergers: the Spectacular Case of GW170817
Wolfgang Korsch, U. of Kentucky 8 Dec 2008 Searching for T- and P-Violation in the Neutron
Bertold Kraessig, ANL Chemistry19 Feb 2001 Photoionization of He: Intricacies of a Perfectly Simple Process
Andreas Krassnigg, ANL Physics 8 Nov 2004 Exciting Physics with Dyson-Schwinger Equations
Karl-Ludwig Kratz, university of Mainz17 Mar 2003 The Astrophysical r-Process: A Multi-faceted Approach
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17 Mar 2014 Recent applications of nuclear quantum Monte Carlo
Alan Wuosmaa, Western Michigan U.27 Jan 2003 Systematics of 12C + 12C Inelastic Scattering from Angular Correlation Measurements
18 Apr 2005 The (d,p) reaction in light nuclei: past, present, and future
15 Nov 2010 How exotic is 16C? Study of the 15C(d,p)16C reaction with HELIOS

Chen-Yu Xu, ANL Physics Div.16 Feb 2015 Studies of Neutral Ytterbium Atoms in a Solid Neon Matrix
Jin Xu, ANL Physics20 Apr 2009 Beam dynamics and electromagnetic simulations for linear accelerators

Liang Yang, U. of Illinois, Urbana15 Oct 2012 Results and Prospects of Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Search with EXO
Steven W. Yates, U. of Kentucky16 May 2005 Probing vibrational structures with fast neutrons
Zhenyu Ye, U. of Illinois, Chicago11 Apr 2016 Heavy Flavor Tomography for Quark-Gluon Plasma Created at RHIC
Zhihong Ye, Physics Division, ANL 14 Dec 2016 Study of Transverse Momentum Dependent Parton Distributions using SIDIS and Drell-Yan Processes
Dylan Yost, Colorado State Univ. 7 Nov 2016 Spectroscopy and Laser Cooling of Simple Atoms
Albert Young, North Carolina State27 Apr 2001 Measuring the Beta-Asymmetry in Neutron Beta-Decay using Ultra-Cold Neutrons
Glenn Young, Jefferson Lab.10 May 2010 The 12GeV Upgrade at Jefferson Lab - A Newbie's View of the Science
Linda Young, ANL Chemistry12 Apr 2004 Atomic and Molecular Physics with Ultrafast, Ultra-intense X-rays
23 Jan 2006 Probing strong-field ionization dynamics with x-rays
Feng Yuan, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 3 Apr 2017 Exploring nucleon tomography at the future electron-ion collider

V. Zacek, Univ. of Montreal 5 Mar 2007 Search for Dark Matter with PICASSO
Jake Zappala, U of Chicago / ANL 28 Nov 2016 Atom Trap Trace Analysis (ATTA), Developments and Applications
22 Jan 2018 Investigating Underground Production of 81Krand its Impacton RadiokryptonDating
Remco Zegers, Michigan State U.24 Jan 2005 Charge-exchange reactions: a tool for measuring nuclear properties and astrophysical reaction rates.
7 Feb 2011 Charge-Exchange Reactions with Rare-Isotope Beams
Xiaohui Zhan, ANL Physics Div.28 Mar 2011 Low Q2 Proton Form Factor Measurements and the Proton Size Puzzle
Y. H. Zhang, Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences18 May 2015 Precision mass measurements of short-lived nuclides at storage ring in Lanzhou
Hongwei Zhao, Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou, China18 Apr 2016 IMP Accelerator Developments Toward High Intensity Ion Beam Production and Acceleration
Pengwei Zhao, Argonne Physics Division 16 Oct 2017 Recent progress on the covariant density functional theory for nuclear spectroscopy
Shan-Gui Zhou, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 14 Nov 2016 Nuclear shapes and fission barriers from multidimensionally-constrained covariant density functional theories
Zhen Zhou, U. of Giessen24 Sep 2001 Time of Flight Mass Measurements of Ions from an Atmospheric Pressure Ion Source
Shaofei Zhu, ANL Physics Div. 1 Feb 2010 Octupole Correlations in Actinide Nuclei
29 Feb 2016 GRETINA Science Campaign at ATLAS

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