Sanghoon Kim, Argonne Physics Division
Superconducting Higher Harmonic RF Cavity for the APS Upgrade Electron Storage Rings
Argonne Physics Division Seminar - 3:30 PM, 14 Mar 2016
Building 203, Conference Room R-150

A new trend in electron storage rings is the use of ‘Multi-Bend Achromat’ (MBA) lattices to reduce the electron beam emittance. The Advanced Photon Source Upgrade (APS-U) MBA lattice improves the X-ray brightness by ~2 orders of magnitude compared to the current APS, in large part by greatly reducing transverse electron beam emittance. As such, the upgrade requires a bunch lengthening system to reduce beam loss from large-angle intrabeam scattering. For this purpose, the PHY Division is working as a part of the APS-U team to develop a Higher Harmonic Cavity (HHC) based on a single 1.4 GHz superconducting RF cavity and subsystems including adjustable RF power couplers and silicon carbide Higher Order Modes (HOM) dampers. In this talk, I will discuss physics design of the HHC and longitudinal beam dynamics introduced by this HHC. I will also present recent progress in development of the cavity, RF couplers, and HOM dampers.

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