Adam Freese

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Research interests

I'm especially interested in the potential for an Electron Ion Collider to investigate the quark/gluon structure of nuclei, and what such an investigation can tell us about the nature of nuclear medium modifications, and the interplay between nucleon and quark/gluon degrees of freedom.

See Argonne's EIC website for more information.

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Publications and preprints

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  1. Extraction of $t$-slopes from experimental $\gamma p\rightarrow K^+\Lambda$ and $\gamma p\rightarrow K^+\Sigma_0$ cross section data
    A. Freese, D. Puentes, S. Adhikari, R. Badui, L. Guo, and B. Raue
  2. QCD Evolution of Superfast Quarks
    A. Freese and M. Sargsian
  3. Probing superfast quarks in nuclei through dijet production at the LHC
    A. Freese, M. Sargsian, and M. Strikman
    Eur.Phys.J. C75 (2015), 534   [arXiv:1441.6605]
  4. Probing vector mesons in deuteron breakup reactions
    A. Freese and M. Sargsian
    Phys.Rev. C88 (2013), 044604   [arXiv:1306.2368]