Andrey Elagin, University of Chicago
Directional Liquid Scintillator Detector for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay
Argonne Physics Division Seminar - 3:30 PM, 7 Mar 2016
Building 203, Conference Room R-150

Observation of neutrinoless double-beta decay (0νββ-decay) would establish that the neutrino is a Majorana particle. I will briefly review the history, experimental challenges, and current status of searches for this rare nuclear process. I will then discuss an idea of a Directional Liquid Scintillator Detector to search for 0νββ-decay. In a liquid scintillator detector electrons from 0νββ-decay often exceed Cherenkov threshold. Selection of early photons using fast photo-detectors, such as the LAPPDTM, separates prompt directional Cherenkov light from delayed isotropic scintillation light. This leads to the possibility of reconstructing the event topology of 0νββ-decay candidate events by analyzing spatial and timing distribution of early photons. Using a simulation of a 6.5 m radius liquid scintillator detector with 100 ps resolution photo-detectors, I discuss techniques for separating 0νββ-decay events from background due to 8B solar neutrino interactions and 10C decays. These represent key backgrounds at deep and shallow detector sites.

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