Hongwei Zhao, Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou, China
IMP Accelerator Developments Toward High Intensity Ion Beam Production and Acceleration
Argonne Physics Division Seminar - 3:30 PM, 18 Apr 2016
Building 203, Conference Room R-150

This talk will firstly overview operation status of the heavy ion accelerator facility HIRFL (Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou) which consists of two cyclotrons and two cooling storage rings, and then will briefly introduce concept design of two new projects which were approved by Chinese government recently. One is High Intensity heavy-ion Accelerator Facility HIAF which consists of a heavy ion superconducting linac as an injector with energy 17 MeV/A, a heavy ion cooling storage ring with maximum energy 2.4 GeV/A and maximum intensity 1x1011 ppp for Uranium beam, and a spectrometer ring for nuclear and atomic physics research. The other one is China Initiative Accelerator Driven System CIADS. CIADS accelerator is a 250 MeV/10 mA CW proton superconducting linac. The talk will focus on developments of key technology R&D and prototyping for HIAF and CIADS, including intense highly-charged heavy ion beam production by SECRAL superconducting ECR source which produced a lot of record beam intensities, heavy ion RFQ development, R&D for superconducting dipoles, development of 10 MeV/10 mA CW proton superconducting linac which already accelerated 5 MeV/4 mA CW proton beam successfully and 5-10 MeV cryomodule was already installed at the beam line. Finally a 400 MeV/A dedicated compact accelerator for carbon ion therapy will be presented, and the first phase of beam commissioning with 400 MeV/A and 1x108 ppp was already completed.

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