Physics Division Accelerator Target Laboratory

The Physics Division operates a target development laboratory that produces targets and foils of various thickness and substrates, depending on the requirements for experiments performed at the ATLAS and Dynamitron accelerators. The targets are prepared from both naturally occurring materials and stable isotopes, which are supplied, either in pure, elemental form, or as stable compounds. Targets are made not only for the Physics Division but also for other divisions at the Laboratory and occasionally for other laboratories and universities.

The target laboratory is operated by John P. Greene and Alanna Pawlak.

John Greene is also the point of contact for the FRIB Target Lab Working Group.


"A unique asset of the ANL program is their target manufacturing capabilities. This expertise at ANL allows
highly specialized targets to be prepared for various beam experiments at many laboratories.It is important
that these capabilities be maintained given the continuing demands for such targets."
Report of the NSAC Subcommittee on Low Energy Nuclear Physics, November 15, 2001