Workshop On Future GRETINA Science Campaigns – Agenda

Friday March 1st 2013

Session I (Chair: P. Fallon)

8:30 am Welcome R.V.F. Janssens
8:35 am Introduction D.C. Radford
8:55 am Gretina at LBNL A. O. Macchiavelli
9:15 am Gretina at NSCL D. Weisshaar
9:35 am ATLAS/CARIBU status G. Savard
9:55 am Break

Session II (Chair: P. Chowdhury)

10:20 am Gretina at ATLAS technical overview A.O. Macchiavelli
10:50 am DAQ performance/overview C. Campbell
11:05 am Data analysis M. Cromaz
11:20 am Tracking T. Lauritsen
11:35 am Discussion
12:05 am Lunch

Session III (Chair: C. Beausang)

1:30 pm CHICO2 D. Cline
1:45 pm FMA D. Seweryniak
2:00 pm Phoswich Wall D.G. Sarantites
2:15 pm ORRUBA S. Pain
2:30 pm Discussion
3:00 pm Break

Session IV (Chair: M. Riley)

3:30 pm Overview of the GRETINA at ATLAS science program M.P. Carpenter
3:50 pm Shape dynamics in the A=100 mass region: Coulomb excitation studies of CARIBU beams using GRETINA and CHICO2 M. Albers
4:00 pm E2 strength distribution at the brink of deformation in 98Zr V. Werner
4:10 pm COULEX of CARIBU beams J. Rissanen
4:20 pm Explore the nuclear structure of fission fragments using GRETINA/CHICO2 C-Y. Wu
4:30 pm Direct Reactions with ORRUBA and GRETINA S. Pain
4:40 pm 14C transition rates and transfer reactions using Xe from CARIBU A.O. Macchiavelli
4:50 pm Spectroscopy of Light Nuclei with Gretina+FMA at ATLAS C.R. Hoffman
5:00 pm Inverse-kinematic studies with Gretina and Phoswich Wall W. Reviol
5:10 pm Discrete gamma-ray spectroscopy of neutron-rich nuclei with incomplete fusion reactions induced by radioactive beams on a 7Li target B. Fornal
5:20 pm Core excited states in 101Sn D. Seweryniak
5:30 pm Interplay between rotation and proton decay in highly-deformed proton emitters D. Seweryniak
5:40 pm Discussion on in-beam spectroscopy of heavy elements with GRETINA T.L. Khoo
5:50 pm N ~ Z studies with Gretina and neutron detectors C. J. Chiara
6:00 pm Discussion

Saturday March 2nd 2013

Session V (Chair: I. Wiedenhover)

8:30 am Introduction P. Fallon
8:50 am Agency perspective C. Baktash
Results from the first NSCL campaign
9:15 am Important excitation energies of 58Zn for the rp-process C. Langer
9:30 am Spectroscopy of Mirror Nuclei in the Upper fp Shell T. Henry
9:45 am Lifetime Measurements with the MSU plunger in the first GRETINA campaign at NSCL H. Iwasaki
10:00 am Single-particle structure of neutron-rich N=40 nuclei K. Wimmer
10:15 am Neutron Knockout to Probe the Role of 3N Forces in the Ca Isotopes H. Crawford
10:30 am Break

Session VI (Chair: P. Fallon)

11:00 am Proposed second science campaign at NSCL A. Gade
11:30 am Gretina project upgrades and path to GRETA A.O.Macchiavelli/D.C. Radford
12:00 noon Discussion on Gretina's future 2015 and beyond
1:00 pm Meeting Close