Registered Participants

Updated 22:00, February 28, 2013

Last Name First Name Organization Email
Adsley Philip University of York [email protected]
Afanasieva Liudmyla Louisiana State University [email protected]
Albers Michael Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Alcorta Martin Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Almaraz-Calderon Sergio Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Anderson John Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Aoi Nori Osaka University [email protected]
Ayangeakaa Akaa University of Notre Dame [email protected]
Back Birger Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Baktash Cyrus DOE [email protected]
Beausang Con University of Richmond [email protected]
Campbell Christopher Lawrence Berkeley National Lab [email protected]
Carpenter Michael Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Chiara Christopher University of Maryland [email protected]
Chowdhury Partha U. Mass. Lowell [email protected]
Cline Douglas University of Rochester [email protected]
Cromaz Mario Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory [email protected]
Fallon Paul Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory [email protected]
Fornal Bogdan Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN [email protected]
Gade Alexandra Michigan State University [email protected]
Hartley Daryl United States Naval Academy [email protected]
Hayes Adam University of Rochester [email protected]
Crawford Heather Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory [email protected]
Hampton Christine Consulting [email protected]
Henry Thomas The University of York [email protected]
Hoffman Calem Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Ideguchi Eiji Osaka University [email protected]
Iwasaki Hironori Michigan State University [email protected]
Janssens Robert Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Jiang Cheng-Lie Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Kolos Karolina University of Tennessee [email protected]
Kondev Filip Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Korichi Amel IN2P3-CNRS/ANL [email protected]
Langer Christoph Michigan State University [email protected]
Lauritsen Torben Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Ma Wenchao Mississippi State University [email protected]
Macchiavelli Augusto Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory [email protected]
Merchan Edana U. Mass. Lowell [email protected]
Mitchell Alan U. Mass. Lowell [email protected]
Naqvi Farheen Yale University [email protected]
Noji Shumpei Michigan State University [email protected]
Padilla-Rodal Elizabeth ICN-UNAM [email protected]
Pain Steve ORNL [email protected]
Prasher Vikram Singh University of Massachusetts, Lowell [email protected]
Radford David Oak Ridge National Laboratory [email protected]
Recchia Francesco Michigan State University [email protected]
Reviol Walter Washington University [email protected]
Riley Mark Florida State University [email protected]
Rissanen Juho LBNL [email protected]
Sarantites Demetrios Washington University [email protected]
Savard Guy Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Seweryniak Dariusz Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Sherrill Bradley Michigan State University [email protected]
Singh Jaideep Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Stezelberger Thorsten Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory [email protected]
Stoyer Mark Lawrence Livermore Nat. Lab. [email protected]
Stroberg Steven Michigan State University [email protected]
Tabor Samuel Florida State University [email protected]
Vanhoy Jeffrey US Naval Academy [email protected]
Weisshaar Dirk Michigan State University [email protected]
Werner Volker Yale University [email protected]
Wiedenhover Ingo Florida State University [email protected]
Wimmer Kathrin Central Michigan University [email protected]
Wu Ching-yen Lawrence Livermore Nat. Lab. [email protected]
Wuosmaa Alan University of Western Michigan [email protected]
Zhu Shaofei Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]