Dear Colleague,

Registration is now open for the upcoming workshop on future GRETINA science campaigns. The meeting will be held in the Physics Division building at Argonne National Laboratory, starting Friday, March 1st, at 8:30 am, and continuing through Saturday afternoon, March 2nd.

Please go to following link to register

The ATLAS facility at Argonne National Laboratory will host GRETINA, for a campaign of experiments starting Fall 2013. The goals of the workshop are

(i) to discuss the science opportunities and provide technical information for these experiments, and

(ii) to plan for the next round of GRETINA experiments following the stay at ATLAS.

Details on the initial program will be posted on the meeting website January 30th, and will be updated as necessary.

At this time we would like to invite people interested in presenting a short contribution on science topics or experiments using GRETINA at ATLAS to please contact Shaofei Zhu ([email protected]) by February 8th. Talks and input from the community are a main part of the program and are important to guide the planning and preparation for the upcoming campaign.

We look forward to seeing you in Argonne.

The GRETINA Users Executive Committee
Paul Fallon
Partha Chowdhury
Alexandra Gade
Ingo Wiedenhover
Shaofei Zhu