Theory Seminar Schedule

Seminars are held in room B-221 of the Physics Building (203) at 3:00 pm.

Click on a title to read an abstract, if available (underlined).
Aroow Special Day & Time:
10:30am Tues.
19 March 2013
Alessandro Lovato
Argonne Leadership Computing Facility and Physics Division
[email protected]
Weak Response of Cold Symmetric Nuclear Matter at Three-Body Cluster Level
24 January 2013 Elmar Biernat
Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Portugal
[email protected]
Meson properties from two different covariant approaches
Special Day:
22 January 2013
Guillaume Hupin
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
[email protected]
Continuum effects in nuclear structure and reactions
Special Day & Time:
10:30am, Tues.
15 January 2013
Kyle Wendt
Ohio State University
[email protected]
Non-Locality in the Similarity Renormalization Group
Special Time:
10 January 2013
Vojtech Krejcirik
University of Maryland
[email protected]
Model independent form factors relations at large N_c
Special Day & Time:
10:30am, Tues.
8 January 2013
Joel Lynn
Arizona State University
[email protected]
Progress in Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations of Light Nuclei with Non-Local Potentials
Special Day:
4 December 2012
Diego Lonardoni
University of Trento, Italy
[email protected]
Quantum Monte Carlo Study of the Hyperon-Nucleon interaction
Special Day:
20 November 2012
Mario Pitschmann
Argonne National Lab,
and U. Wisconsin - Madison
[email protected]
Hadron electric dipole moments

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