Theory seminars held in the year 2002-2003

29 May 2003 Mihai Horoi
Central Michigan University
No Core Shell Model Calculations of s- and p-Shell Nuclei with the Low Momentum Interaction
17 April 2003 Shannon Cowell
University of Illinois
Quenching of Weak Interactions in Nucleon Matter
10 April 2003 Declan Mulhall
Cal Poly, San Louis Obispo
Random interactions, order and symmetry in a simple many-fermion system
27 March 2003 Boris Kopeliovich
  High-pT Pions at RHIC: Where does the Supression Come From?
18 March 2003 Sarmistha Banik
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, India
  Neutron Stars: Dense Matter Laboratories
13 March 2003 Nicole Bell
The Universe's Lepton Number
6 March 2003 Achim Schwenk
Ohio State University
Renormalization group approach to neutron matter
25 February 2003 Frank Tabakin
University of Pittsburgh
What Wavelets are and how they can be used in Physics
13 February 2003 Joseph Carlson
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Simple Models of Neutron Matter
6 February 2003 Joanna Kuros-Zolnierczuk
Indiana University
The three-nucleon force effects in nucleon-deuteron scattering
28 January 2003 Marco Huertas 
College of William and Mary
23 January 2003 Bruno Julia'-Diaz
Universidad de Salamanca, Spain
Quark-Exchange Mechanisms for Two-Baryon Interactions and Deuteron Photo-disintegration Reactions
16 January 2003 Anders Gardestig 
Indiana University
Charge symmetry breaking in d d -> alpha p0
14 January 2003 Arne Hoell 
University of Rostock
 Response Properties of Relativistic Plasmas
14 November 2002 Wayne Polyzou 
University of Iowa
Wigner's forms of relativistic quantum mechanics
12 November 2002 Christian Fischer
University of Tuebingen
Non-perturbative Propagators, Running Coupling and Dynamical Mass Generation in Landau Gauge QCD
24 October 2002 Alexander Volya
Effective non-Hermitian Hamiltonian and continuum shell model
17 October 2002 Sameer Walawalkar
Florida State University
Some corrections to the quark Model of hadrons
15 August 2002  Alfredo Raya-Montaño
Michoacan University, Mexico
Fermion Propagator and fermion-boson vertex in QED3 

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