Quantum Monte Carlo Results

These pages summarize a large variety of nuclear structure results computed using quantum Monte Carlo methods, including variational (VMC), Green's function (GFMC) and cluster variational (CVMC) methods.
Many of these results have been generated with the support of the U.S. Department of Energy NUCLEI SciDAC, INCITE, and ALCC programs.
Computer time from the Argonne Laboratory Computing Resource Center and the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility is gratefully acknowledged. Specific published references may be found in the various sections below.

Nuclear Densities:

Single-Nucleon Densities

Two-Nucleon Densities

Weak Transition Densities

0νββ Transition Densities

Nuclear Momentum Distributions:

Single-Nucleon Momentum Distributions

Two-Nucleon Momentum Distributions

New (2015+) VMC Spectroscopic Overlaps:

Part I: Pickup Reactions

Part II: Stripping Reactions

Older (-2014) VMC Spectroscopic Overlaps

GFMC Spectroscopic Overlaps up to A=7 (2011)

Robert B. Wiringa
Last update October 6, 2022