Theory Seminar Schedule

Seminars are held in room B-221 of the Physics Building (203) at 3:00 pm.

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Division Seminar: R-150 @ 3:30pm
14 April 2011
Stefano Gandolfi
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Quantum Monte Carlo Study of Strongly Correlated Fermions: Neutron Matter, Neutron Stars and Cold Atoms
Division Seminar: R-150 @ 3:30pm
31 March 2011
Lucas Platter
Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg
Effective Field Theories for Nuclear Systems
Division Seminar: R-150 @ 3:30pm
17 February 2011
Alexandros Gezerlis
University of Washington
Bridging the Gap: Fermions in Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics
Special Day: Tuesday
15 February 2011
Louis H. Kauffman
Topological Quantum Information and the Jones Polynomial
Division Seminar: R-150 @ 3:30pm
10 February 2011
Joaquín Drut
Los Alamos National Laboratory
The Unitary Fermi Gas and the Challenge of Simple Quantum Mechanics
20 January 2011 Jingyi Chao
Indiana University
Thermal Conductivity, from Quark Matter to Cold Atoms
Special Day: Tuesday
18 January 2011
Pok Man Lo
University of Pittsburgh
Confinement Models at Finite Temperature and Density
6 January 2011 Xilin Zhang
Indiana University
Weak Pion and Photon Production off Nucleons and Nuclei in a Chiral Effective Field Theory
16 December 2010 Ian Bentley
University of Notre Dame
Investigations of the Nuclear Symmetry Energy (Wigner Energy) and Mapping of Fermionic to Bosonic Deformation Energy Surfaces
Special Day: Tuesday
14 December 2010
Qamar N. Usmani
University Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia
Clustering at the nuclear surface and symmetry energy
2 December 2010 Stefano Gandolfi
Quantum Monte Carlo study of strongly correlated Fermions: neutron matter and confined neutrons
18 November 2010 Paolo Armani
University of Trento and INFN
Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations of Hypernuclei
28 October 2010 William Newton
Texas A&M Commerce
The physics and observational consequences of the neutron star crust-core boundary layer
21 October 2010 Eric Swanson
University of Pittsburgh
Confinement at Finite Temperature
14 October 2010 Gustavo Nobre
Predictions for Nucleon-Nucleus Reactions: Benchmarks for Modern Structure Models
Special Day: Tuesday
21 September 2010
Andreas Ross
Argonne National Laboratory and U.Wisconsin at Madison
Precision Gravity and Effective Field Theories
16 Sept. 2010 Satoshi Nakamura
Jefferson Lab
Semi-leptonic weak processes in two-nucleon systems --- Impact on neutrino oscillation experiments and astrophysics ---
9 September 2010 Peter Tandy
Kent State University
QCD Dynamics and Meson Structure: Soft and Hard

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