Theory Seminars held in the year 2005-2006

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30 May 2006
Special Day: Tuesday
Dean J. Lee
North Carolina State University
A new type of superfluid
25 May 2006 José Goity
Hampton University & Jefferson Lab
The 1/Nc Expansion in Baryons
23 May 2006
Special Day and Time: Tuesday, 10:30am
Bogdan Mihaila
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Solving the effective interaction puzzle in ultracold fermionic atom gases
April 27th 2006
Robin Santra
Argonne National Laboratory (CHM)
Calculating resonances using a complex absorbing potential
3 April 2006
Special Day and Time: Monday, 10:30am
Huang Fei
Institute for High Energy Physics, Beijing
Resonating group method study of baryon-meson systems in a chiral quark model
14 February 2006 Special Date: Tuesday Ian Cloet
University of Adelaide, Australia
DIS from nuclear targets and the polarized EMC effect
7 February 2006 Special Date: Tuesday Sarah Lawley
University of Adelaide, Australia
Deconfinement and color superconductivity in hybrid stars
2 February 2006 Ionel Stetcu
University of Arizona
The ab-initio no core shell model: theory and applications
31 January 2006 Special Date: Tuesday Olga Lakhina
University of Pittsburgh
Meson Form-Factors and Decay Constants
17 January 2006 Special Date: Tuesday Herry Kwee
College of William and Mary
Theta+ Photoproduction in a Regge Model
15 December 2005 Michael Pichowsky
Transmarket Group LLC
Financial Market Making:
A physicist's guide to futures trading
8 December 2005 Michael Ramsey-Musolf
Baryogenesis and Electric Dipole Moments
2 November 2005
Special Date, Time 10:30am
Nicolas Michel
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Description of loosely bound and resonant states with Gamow expansion techniques
27 October 2005 Daniel Almehed
University of Surrey
'Nuclear tidal waves' in high-K bands in the 182-Os region
20 October 2005
Special Time 11:00am
Gergana Stoitcheva
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Shifted Contour Monte-Carlo method for Nuclear Structure
18 October 2005
Special Date
Ilya Narodetskii
ITEP, Moscow, Russia
Theoretical issues of pentaquarks
26 August 2005
Special Date, Time 10:30am
Jean-Philippe Lansberg
University of Liege, Belgium
Forward and Off-forward parton distributions of the pion
11 August 2005 Rocco Schiavilla
Jefferson Lab and Old Dominion University
Two-body electrodisintegration of 3He and 4He at high momentum transfer
19 July 2005
Special Date, Time
Ronald Redmer
University of Rostock, Germany
The hydrogen-helium EOS at high pressures: Planetary interiors
13 July 2005
Special Date
Hiroyuki Sagawa
University of Aizu, Japan
Neutron Skin Thickness and Equation of State in Asymmetric Nuclear Matter

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