Theory Seminars held in the year 2003-2004

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22 June 2004
Special Date
Michael Bender
Argonne, Physics Division
Properties of heavy nuclei from configuration mixing of symmetry-restored self-consistent mean-field states
17 June 2004 Ilya Narodetskii
ITEP, Moscow, Russia
Pentaquarks in the Jaffe-Wilczek approximation
20 May 2004 David Richards
Jefferson Laboratory, Newport News
Lattice QCD: Ab Initio Computations in Hadronic Physics
20 May 2004
Special Time: 10:30 am
Pieter Maris
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh
Pseudo-scalar meson quark distributions within the Dyson-Schwinger approach
18 May 2004
Special Date
Alex Kalloniatis
CSSM, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia
High energy behaviour and analytic confinement
13 May 2004 William Raphael Hix
University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge
Core Collapse Supernovae: Understanding the Deaths of Massive Stars
22 April 2004 Peter Blunden
Univ. of Manitoba, Canada
Two-photon exchange of electron-proton scattering
9 March 2004
Special Date
Harry Lipkin
Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
What does the Pentaquark teach us about QCD and vice versa?
4 March 2004 Scott Bogner
INT, Univ. of Washington
Towards Model Independent and Perturbative Shell Model Effective Interactions
26 February 2004 Jim Kneller
North Carolina State University
The effects upon big-bang nucleosynthesis of variations in ΛQCD
24 February 2004
Special Date
Prashanth Jaikumar
McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Neutrino Emission from Phases of Dense Matter in Compact Stars
17 February 2004
Special Date
Special Time: 10:30 am
Stewart V. Wright
University of Liverpool, UK
Chiral PerturbationTheory, Models, and the Lattice: Different views, the same physics
10 February 2004
Special Date
Special Time: 10:30 am
Achim Schwenk
Ohio State University, Columbus
Effective interactions and pairing in nuclear systems
5 February 2004 Bonnie Todd-Rutel
Florida State University, Tallahassee
RIA and Mean-field Theory: Drip Lines, Magic Numbers and More
29 January 2004 Andrew W. Steiner
University of Minnesota, Minneaplolis
Nuclear Astrophysics in Two Acts: r-Process Nucleosynthesis in Neutrino-Driven Winds and the Nuclear Symmetry Energy
27 January 2004
Special Date
Special Time: 11:00 am
Victor Flambaum
Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Do Fundamental Constants of Nature Vary With Time and Distance?
22 January 2004
Special Time:10:30
Brian Tiburzi
University of Washington, Seattle
Generalized parton distributions and double distributions
20 January 2004
Special Date
Jörg Jäckel
University of Heidelberg, Germany
Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking by the Condensation of Composites of Fermions
15 January 2004 Govind Krishnaswami
University of Rochester
Proton Structure functions from large N QCD
18 December 2003 Bao-An Li
Arkansas State University
Probing the Equation of State of Dense Neutron-Rich Matter with High Energy Radioactive Beams at RIA
11 December 2003 Thomas Duguet
Argonne, Physics Division
Bare vs effective pairing force. A microscopic pairing interaction for mean-field calculations of finite nuclei.
9 December 2003
Special Date
Bruno Julia Diaz
University of Helsinki, Finland
Baryon Form Factors in Relativistic Constituent Quark Models
4 December 2003 Sebastian Schmidt
Helmholtz-Association, Bonn, Germany
The Helmholtz-Association and its reform process
25 November 2003
Special Date
Gouranga C. Nayak
Gluon Propagator and Magnetic Screening Mass at One Loop Level in Non-Equilibrium QCD
20 November 2003
Special Location: R-150
Gordon W. Drake
University of Windsor, Canada
Helium, Relativity and QED
18 November 2003
Special Date
Special Time: 10:30 am
Special Location: R-150
Xiangdong Ji
University of Maryland
Unravelling single spin asymmetry
14 November 2003
Special Date
Special Location: R-150
Paul-Henri Heenen
Service de Physique Nucleaire, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Why and how to go beyond the mean-field method. Applications to neutron deficient Pb isotopes
28 October 2003
Special time: 1:30 pm
Special Location: R-150
Andreas S. Kronfeld
High Precision Lattice QCD Confronts Experiment
26 August 2003
Special time: 11:00 am
Masayuki Matsuo
Niigata University, Japan
Collective Excitations in Drip-Line Nuclei: Pairing Correlation and Continuum Response
20 August 2003 Asmita Mukherjee
Dortmund University, Germany
GPD s in Light-Front Hamiltonian QCD
14 August 2003 Rajdeep Chatterjee
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Calcutta, India
Coulomb and nuclear breakup of halo nuclei

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