Deuteron Properties

Here are files with properties of the deuteron for multiple NN potentials.
These include binding energy, D-state %, quadrupole and magnetic moments in impulse approximation, asymptotic D/S ratio, rms and rmq radii.
Also breakdown of the energy into kinetic and potential parts, and various components of the potential.
Following are tables of the wave function in configuration space out to 100 fm, and in momentum space to 20 fm-1.
At the end of each file are the electromagnetic form factors gc, gm, gq and the deuteron structure functions A, B, and t20 (at 70 deg).
These have all been calculated in impulse approximation.
In between we give the relevant wave function integrals ce, cl, cs, and cq, and Kelly nucleon form factors ges and gms used to produce the structure functions.

ce(q)=Integral{ j0(qr)*(u(r)**2+w(r)**2) dr }
cl(q)=Integral{ (j0(qr)+j2(qr))*1.5*w(r)**2 dr }
cs(q)=Integral{ j0(qr)*(u(r)**2-.5*w(r)**2) + j2(qr)*(sqrt(1/2)*u(r)*w(r)+.5*w(r)**2) dr }
cq(q)=Integral{ j2(qr)*(3.*sqrt(1/2)*u(r)*w(r)-.75*w(r)**2)/q**2 dr }


theta=(70/90)*pi/2 ! theta=70 deg

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Reid Soft Core

Super Soft Core (C)

Urbana v14

Argonne v14

Argonne v18

Norfolk Ia

Norfolk Ib

Norfolk IIa

Norfolk IIb

Idaho N3LO(1.0)

Idaho N2LO(1.0)

Idaho NLO(1.0)

Robert B. Wiringa
Last update October 5, 2022