Theory Seminars held in the year 2004-2005

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28 June 2005
Special Date, Time
Nicholas Souchlas
Kent State University
Quark mass dependence of vector and pseudoscalar mesons, and the effective ladder-rainbow kernel
27 June 2005
Special Date, Time
Mandar Bhagwat
Kent State University
An initial look at the theory of the N-\Delta transition
24 June 2005
Special Date, Time
Trang Nguyen
Kent State University
Current-current correlators as a probe of non-perturbative dynamics (eg DCSB) in QCD
24 June 2005
Special Date, Time
10:00am Auditorium
Peter Tandy
Kent State University
Axial Anomaly
23 June 2005
William Marciano
Brookhaven National Laboratory
CKM Unitarity, Nuclear Beta Decay and The Bjorken Sum Rule
2 June 2005 Mark Paris
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Quantum Monte Carlo studies of three-, six-, and five-quark systems
19 May 2005 Andreas Schmitt
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Spin-1 color superconductors and pulsar kicks
15 February 2005
Special Date, Time
Qinghai Wang
Washington University in St. Louis
PT-Symmetric Quantum Field Theory and a New interpretation of the Lee Model
10 February 2005 Hang Liu
Ohio University
Three-Dimensional Faddeev Computation of Nuclear Three-Body System
8 February 2005
Special Date, Time
Hasan Yuksel
University of Wisconsin
Neutrino Mass, Mixing, and Supernovae Neutrino Detection
3 February 2005 Mandar Bhagwat
Kent State University
Modeling QCD for Hadron Phenomenology
1 February 2005
Special Date
Muslema Pervin
Florida State University
Some Aspects of Semileptonic Decay of Baryons in a Quark Model
27 January 2005 Tom Luu
Applying the Bloch-Horowitz Equation to s- and p-shell nuclei
25 January 2005
Special Date
Bruno Julia-Diaz
University of Pittsburgh
Hadron form-factors and meson photoproduction reactions
20 January 2005 Armen Sedrakian
University of Tübingen, Germany
Pair correlations and clustering in extended nuclear systems
18 January 2005
Special Date
Carlo Barbieri
Nuclear correlations at low energy using self consistent Green’s functions
13 January 2005 Charlotte Elster
Ohio University
Three-Body Scattering at Intermediate Energies
9 December 2004 Lukas Theussl
Triumf, Vancouver, Canada
Generalized parton distributions of the pion in a Bethe-Salpeter approach
2 December 2004 Arne Höll
Argonne, Physics Division
Regarding Nucleon Electromagnetic Form Factors
16 November 2004
Special Date
Jie Meng
Beijing University, China
Recent advances in relativistic models of nuclear structure
11 November 2004 Patrick Bowman
Indiana University, Bloomington
QCD Propagators: What the lattice says

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