Theory Seminars held in the year 2008-2009

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23 July 2009
Ulrich Mosel
University of Giessen
Hadrons in Medium
4 June 2009
Arnoldas Deltuva
University of Lisbon
Three- and four-body nuclear reactions
2 June 2009 Special Day: Tuesday Yasuyuki Suzuki
Niigata University
Phase-shift calculation using continuum-discretized states
13 May 2009 Special Day: Wednesday William Detmold
College of William & Mary and Jefferson Lab
Many-body lattice QCD
23 April 2009 Shalom Shlomo
Cyclotron Institut Texas A&M University, College Station
Modern energy density functional for nuclei and the nuclear matter Equation of State
9 April 2009 Sean Fleming
University of Arizona, Tucson
The Nuclear Physics of Charm
7 April 2009
Special Day: Tuesday
David Chamulak
Michigan State University,
East Lansing
The Effect of Ne-22 on the Thermonuclear Processes in White Dwarf Supernovae
26 March 2009 Hiroyuki Kamano
Jefferson Lab, Newport News
Study of Excited Nucleon states at EBAC: Status and plans
19 February 2009
Sergey Postnikov
Ohio University, Athens
The Equation of State of Neutron Star Matter from Observational Masses and Radii through the Inversion of TOV Equations
17 February 2009
Special Day:
Christel Smith
University of California
at San Diego
Probing Fundamental Physics Using Primordial Nucleosynthesis Considerations
10 February 2009
Special Day: Tuesday
Alexandros Gezerlis
University of Illinois
Pairing in neutron matter and in cold atomic systems
5 February 2009
Deepshikha Shukla
George Washington University
Compton Scattering on Light Nuclei: A Probe for Neutron Polarizabilities
3 February 2009
Special Day:
Saori Pastore
Old Dominion University
Nuclear electromagnetic two-body currents
29 January 2009
Abhishek Mukherjee
University of Illinois
The Many Body Physics of Hot Dense Matter
29 January 2009
Special Time:
Roberto Anglani
University of Bari
The quark "faces" of matter.
30 October 2008
Ivan Brida
Michigan State University,
East Lansing
A microscopic hyperspherical model: from structure to reactions. Application to 6He.
28 October 2008
Special Day:
Wataru Horiuchi
Niigata University
Inversion doublets of 3N+N cluster structure in excited states of 4He
23 October 2008
Tim Tait
Argonne National Laboratory
& Northwestern University
Baryogenesis from an Earlier Phase Transition
21 October 2008
Special Day:
Alexander Velytsky
U. of Chicago and HEP/PHY,
Argonne National Laboratory
Entanglement entropy in SU(N) gauge theories
16 October 2008
Matthias Schindler
Ohio University, Athens
Bayesian methods for parameter estimation in effective field theories
14 October 2008
Special Day:
Jorge Noronha
Columbia University,
New York City
Anomalous Conical Di-jet Correlations in pQCD vs AdS/CFT

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