We present material associated with the Argonne v18 nucleon-nucleon potential:

Accurate nucleon-nucleon potential with charge-independence breaking
R. B. Wiringa, V. G. J. Stoks, and R. Schiavilla
Phys. Rev. C 51, 38–51 (1995)

A momentum-space version has recently been developed:
Momentum-space Argonne V18 interaction
S. Veerasamy and W. N. Polyzou
Phys. Rev. C 84, 034003 (2011) [19 pages]

Calculation of matrix elements in a harmonic-oscillator basis are presented in:
Matrix elements of the Argonne v18 potential
Bogdan Mihaila

Fortran code
NEW and IMPROVED! - now contains Super-Soft Core (C) and modified v8's
(CORRECTED version of modified SSC(C) v8' as of 5 April 2007)

Deuteron structure functions

Deuteron wave function table

Deuteron wave function table (momentum space)

Deuteron: THE MOVIE

1S0 phase shift

1D2 phase shift

3P0 phase shift

3P1 phase shift

3P2 phase shift

EP2 phase shift

3F2 phase shift

3F3 phase shift

3S1 phase shift

EP1 phase shift

3D1 phase shift

3D2 phase shift

3D3 phase shift

EP3 phase shift

3G3 phase shift

1P1 phase shift

1F3 phase shift