Theory Seminar Schedule

Seminars are held in room B-221 of the Physics Building (203) at 3:00 pm.

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25 May 2010 Special Day: Tuesday Jonathon Carroll
University of Adelaide, Australia
[email protected]
QMC as a model of dense matter: from finite nuclei to hybrid stars
13 May 2010 Ivan Brida
[email protected]
Monte Carlo calculations of beryllium isotopes and spectroscopic factors in light nuclei
11 May 2010 Special Day: Tuesday Roberto Anglani
[email protected]
Collective modes in the color-flavor-locked phase of quantum chromodynamics
13 April 2010 Special Day: Tuesday
Special Time: 2:00PM
Special Place: R-150
Toshihiko Kawano
Los Alamos National Lab.
[email protected]
Combining the statistical model with nuclear structure data for nuclear decay property study
1 April 2010
Special Time: 3:30PM
Diana Nicmorus
University of Graz, Austria
[email protected]
Baryon-photon interaction in a Dyson-Schwinger equation approach
2 February 2010 Special Day: Tuesday Saori Pastore
Jefferson Lab and Old Dominion University
[email protected]
Nuclear electromagnetic currents in χEFT
19 January 2010 Special Day: Tuesday Rishi Sharma
Los Alamos National Lab
[email protected]
Many body effects in neutron star crusts and connection with observables
14 January 2010 David Wilson
Durham University, UK
[email protected]
An exploration of the Schwinger-Dyson equations of QCD
12 January 2010 Special Day: Tuesday Satoshi Nakamura
Jefferson Lab
[email protected]
Dynamical model of coherent pion production in neutrino-nucleus scattering
17 December 2009 Brian Serot
Indiana University
[email protected]
A covariant, chiral, effective field theory for nuclei
10 December 2009 Paulo Bedaque
University of Maryland
[email protected]
Quarks in a hyperdiamond lattice
3 December 2009 Sofia Quaglioni
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
[email protected]
An ab initio approach to light-nuclei scattering and reactions
24 November 2009
Special Day: Tuesday
Yingchuan Li
University of Wisconsin-Madison
[email protected]
Electroweak baryogenesis in MSSM and electric dipole moment constraints
19 November 2009
Scott Bogner
Michigan State University
[email protected]
In-medium similarity renormalization group for nuclei and nuclear matter
17 November 2009
Special Day: Tuesday
Jorge Martin Camalich
University of Valencia
[email protected]
Properties of hyperons in covariant chiral perturbation theory
12 November 2009 Yuri Kovchegov
Ohio State University
[email protected]
Shock wave collisions in AdS_5 and in real life
10 November 2009
Special Day: Tuesday
Pierre Capel
Michigan State University
[email protected]
Theoretical description of breakup reactions of halo nuclei
5 November 2009 Ani Aprahamian
University of Notre Dame
[email protected]
Nuclear mass models and their implications for neutron-rich nuclei
29 October 2009 Terry Goldman
Los Alamos National Laboratory
[email protected]
Nucleon spin structure and gauge invariance (an atomic view)
22 October 2009 Peter Arnold
University of Virginia
[email protected]
The QCD Landau-Pomeranchuk-Migdal effect
6 October 2009
Special Day: Tuesday
Michael Ramsey-Musolf
University of Wisconsin-Madison
[email protected]
Electroweak baryogenesis: theoretical progress and experimental tests
1 October 2009 Chung-I Tan
Brown University
[email protected]
AdS/CFT correspondence and high energy diffractive scattering
24 September 2009 Dean Halderson
Western Michigan University
[email protected]
Tests of the hyperon-nucleon interaction
27 August 2009 Khalil Farouqi
University of Chicago
[email protected]
Explosive nucleosynthesis in the high-entropy wind of core-collapse supernova

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