A PDF version of the program is here. [last updated: April 3, 2017]

Session I [Chair: B. B. Back (ANL)]

8:45 am Welcome K. Hafidi
8:50 am Introduction B. P. Kay, ANL
9:00 am HELIOS @ ATLAS A. H. Wuosmaa, UConn
9:30 am ReA Upgrade H. Iwasaki, NSCL
10:00 am The AT-TPC D. Bazin, NSCL
10:30 am Break (through to 11:00am)

Session II [Chair: A. H. Wuosmaa (UConn)]

11:00 am ISS @ HIE-ISOLDE S. J. Freeman, Manchester
11:25 am The SpecMAT project R. Raabe, KU Leuven
11:45 am Apollo and γ-ray measurements at HELIOS J. Winkelbauer, LANL
12:05 pm The SSNAP spectrometer P. O'Malley, Notre Dame
12:25 pm Lunch (through to 2:00pm)

Session III [Chair: D. Bazin (NSCL)]

2:00 pm Fast Beams B. P. Kay, ANL
2:15 pm The ISS Si array S. J. Freeman, Manchester
2:30 pm Analysis of spirals W. Mittig, MSU
2:45 pm State of the art targetry K. Chipps, ORNL
3:00 pm The ANL Si array and DAQ S. Kuvin, UConn
3:15 pm Auxiliary charged-particle detection S. T. Marley, LSU
3:30 pm Break (through to 4:00pm)

Session IV [Chair: K. Chipps (ORNL)]

4:00 pm Gamma-ray probes and transfer reactions A. Couture, LANL
4:15 pm NP pairing and transfer reactions A. O. Macchiavelli, LBNL
4:30 pm Isomer beams and transfer reactions D. Santiago-Gonzalez, LSU
4:45 pm Summary and Discussion C. R. Hoffman, ANL
6:00 pm Finish (ATLAS tour available)