Meeting Photograph



Welcome to the ReA Solenoidal Spectrometer Projects meeting, to be held in the Physics Division at Argonne National Laboratory, March 24th, 2017. The development of a solenoidal spectrometer for use with reaccelerated beams at NSCL and eventually FRIB has been discussed for several years. It is now timely to consider the development and implementation of such a device. The goal is to bring together people with common interests and expertise to cement the physics case for such a device and to define the timeline and scope. It is intended that the outcome of these discussions will form the basis of a white paper to present to the community at the 2017 Low Energy Community Meeting. The meeting will generate discussion on:

  • ReA and the ReA upgrade
  • Solenoidal spectrometers
  • Active targets
  • Detectors and auxiliary equipment
  • Physics program
  • Timeline, scope, costs