Theory Seminars held in the year 2006-2007

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10 July 2007
Special Day:
Tuesday, 3:00pm
Robert Wiringa
Argonne National Laboratory
[email protected]
Dependence of nuclear binding on hadronic mass variation
3 July 2007
Special Day and Time:
Tuesday, 10:30am
Renato Higa
University of Bonn, Germany
[email protected]
Coulomb interactions within Halo EFT
5 June 2007
Special Day and Time:
Tuesday, 10.30am
Omar Benhar
Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Rome, Italy
[email protected]
The equation of state of neutron star matter and gravitational wave emission
29 May 2007
Special Day: Tuesday
Ulrich Mosel
Giessen University, Germany
[email protected]
Hadrons in Medium - Theory meets experiment
10 May 2007
Thomas Schaefer
North Carolina State University, Raleigh
[email protected]
Effective Field Theory and the Nuclear Many-Body Problem
5 April 2007
Feryal Ozel
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
[email protected]
Peeking into a Neutron Star: Neutrons, Condensates, or Quarks?
29 March 2007
Richard Williams
Durham University, United Kingdom
[email protected]
SDEs in QED and QCD: Critical couplings; and the qq-bar condensate for massive quarks
22 March 2007
John Arrington
Argonne National Laboratory
[email protected]
New Measurements of the EMC Effect in Few-Body Nuclei
08 February 2007
Hrayr Matevosyan
Louisiana State University/JLab
[email protected]
"Quark-Gluon Vertex Dressing And Meson Masses Beyond Ladder-Rainbow Truncation."
06 February 2007
Special Day and Time:
Tuesday, 10.30 am
Bruno El-Bennich
Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, France
[email protected]
The interference of scalar and vector mesons in hadronic 3-body B-decays
29 January 2007
Special Day and Time:
Monday, 10.30 am
Alvin Kiswandhi
Florida State University, Tallahassee
[email protected]
A model for   π - η   photoproduction
25 January 2007
Olga Lakhina
Kent State University, Kent
[email protected]
Study of meson properties in quark models
16 January 2007
Special Day and Time: Tuesday, 10.30 am
Thomas Klähn
University of Rostock, Germany
[email protected]
Modern compact star observations and the equation of state
09 January 2007
Special Day: Tuesday
Ross Young
Jefferson Lab, Newport News
[email protected]
Triumph of the Standard Model to all-new precision in parity-violating electron scattering
12 December 2006
Special Day: Tuesday
Thomas Papenbrock
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
[email protected]
Ab-initio calculations for nuclei
7 December 2006
Daniel Phillips
Ohio University, Athens
[email protected]
Using chiral perturbation theory to extract the neutron-neutron scattering length from pi- d->gamma nn
5 December 2006
Special Day: Tuesday
Stefano Gandolfi
University of Trento, Italy
[email protected]
Quantum Monte Carlo calculations of symmetric nuclear matter
30 November 2006
Dominik Nickel
Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Germany
[email protected]
Color-superconductivity within a Dyson-Schwinger approach
20 November 2006
Special Day and Time:
Monday, 2:00pm
Carla Froehlich
University of Basel, Switzerland
[email protected]
Core Collapse Supernovae: New Aspects of Nucleosynthesis and their Imprint on Galactic Evolution
16 November 2006
Charlotte Elster
Ohio University, Athens
[email protected]
Three-Body Scattering at Intermediate Energies
7 November 2006
Special Day: Tuesday
Mark Alford
Washington University, St Louis
[email protected]
Bulk viscosity in ultra-dense quark matter
12 October 2006
Pieter Maris
University of Pittsburgh
[email protected]
Manifestly covariant three-body bound state calculations
14 September 2006
Victor Flambaum
Argonne, Physics Division &
University of New South Wales, Australia
[email protected]
Coulomb problem for vector particles
06 September 2006
Special Day and Time: Wednesday, 10:30am
Prashanth Jaikumar
Argonne, Physics Division
[email protected]
Quark Matter in Neutron Stars

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