2018 Midwest Theory Get-Together

XXXI: 28-29 September 2018. Organisers: Dean Lee and colleagues of Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

2017 Midwest Theory Get-Together

XXX: 29-30 September 2017. Organisers: Andreas Windisch and colleagues of Washington University in St. Louis, MO

2016 Midwest Theory Get-Together

XXIX: 30 September - 1 October 2016. Organisers: James Vary and colleagues of Iowa State University, Ames IA

2015 Midwest Theory Get-Together

XXVIII: 11-12 September 2015. Organisers: Ulrich Heinz and colleagues of the Ohio State University, Columbus OH

2014 Midwest Theory Get-Together

XXVII: 5-6 September 2014. Organiser: Mike Strickland and Peter Tandy, Kent State University, Kent OH

2013 Midwest Theory Get-Together

XXVI: 6-7 September 2013. Organiser: Wayne Polyzou, University of Iowa, Iowa City

2012 Midwest Theory Get-Together

XXV: 7-8 September 2012. Organisers: Charlotte Elster, Daniel Phillips and colleagues at the Ohio University

2011 Midwest Theory Get-Together

XXIV: 23-24/September 2011. Organisers: Tim Londergan, Adam Szczepaniak and colleagues at the University of Indiana

2010 Midwest Theory Get-Together

XXIII: 10-11/September 2010. Organisers: Baha Balantekin & Michael Ramsey-Musolf, University of Wisconsin, Madison

2009 Midwest Theory Get-Together

XXII: 23-24/October 2009. Organisers: Alex Brown & Pawel Danielewicz, Michigan State University

2008 Midwest Theory Get-Together

XXI: 17-18/October 2008. Organiser: Mark Alford, Washington University

2007 Midwest Theory Get-Together

XX: 5-6/October 2007. Organiser: James Vary, Iowa State University

2006 Midwest Theory Get-Together

XIX: 13-14/October 2006. Organiser: Stefan Frauendorf, University of Notre Dame

2005 Midwest Theory Get-Together

XVIII: 7-8/October 2005. Organiser: George Fai and Peter Tandy, Kent State University

2004 Midwest Theory Get-Together

XVII: 24-25/September 2004. Organiser: William Klink and Wayne Polyzou, University of Iowa

2003 Midwest Theory Get-Together

XVI: 10-11 October 2003. Organiser: Charlotte Elster, Ohio University

2002 Midwest Theory Get-Together

XV: 25-26 October 2002. Organisers: Tim Londergan and Adam Szczepaniak, Indiana University

2001 Midwest Theory Get-Together

XIV: 5-6 October 2001. Organiser: Pawel Danielewicz, Michigan State University

Previous Get-togethers

Unless otherwise noted, the host site was Argonne National Laboratory
  • 2000, 23-24/Sept. Organiser: Ohio State University
  • 1999, 24-25/Sept. Organiser: University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • 1998, 25-26/Sept. Organiser: University of Minnesota
  • 1997, 19-20/Sept. Organiser: Kent State University
  • 1996, 27-28/Sept. Organiser: University of Iowa
  • 1995, 29-30/Sept. Organiser: Washington University
  • 1994, 14-15/Oct. Organiser: Iowa State University
  • 1993, 17-18/Sept. Organiser: Western Michigan University
  • 1992, 18-19/Sept. Organiser: University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign
  • 1991, 27-28/Sept. Organiser and site: Indiana University
  • 1990, 28-29/Sept. Organiser and site: Michigan State University
  • 1989, 20-21/Sept. Organiser and site: Argonne National Laboratory
  • 1988, 30/Sept-1/Oct. Organiser and site: University of Wisconsin, Madison