Argonne Physics Division Seminar

Conference Room R150, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory

Mondays at 3:30 PM

2004-2005 Program

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30 Aug 2004 Jia-Er Chen, Institute of Heavy Ion Physics, Peking University
R&D Activities on Accelerator Physics & Technology at IHIP, Peking University
Host: Hermann Grunder
13 Sep 2004
20 Sep 2004 Robert Janssens, ANL Physicis
New Shell Structure in Neutron-Rich Nuclei Above Doubly-Magic 48Ca
Host: Steven Pieper
27 Sep 2004 Harvey Gould, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Electron Electric Dipole Moment (EDM) Search and Polarizability Measurement using a Laser-Cooled Cesium-Atom Fountain
Host: Zheng-tian Lu
4 Oct 2004 Ralf F. Rapp, Texas A & M
Light and Heavy Hadronic Modes Below and Above Tc
Host: Harry Lee
11 Oct 2004 James Friar, Los Alamos
The Nuclear Physics of Precise Atomic Spectroscopy
Host: Steven Pieper
18 Oct 2004 Rainer Fries, U. Minnesota
Energy loss in Nuclear Matter
Host: Steven Pieper
25 Oct 2004 Michael Bender, ANL Physics
Ground-state Correlations and Spectroscopy from Configuration Mixing of Symmetry-restored Self-consistent Mean-field States
Host: Steven Pieper
1 Nov 2004 Petr Navratil, LLNL
Nuclear Structure from First Principles: Ab Initio No-core Shell Model
Host: Steven Pieper
8 Nov 2004 Andreas Krassnigg, ANL Physics
Exciting Physics with Dyson-Schwinger Equations
Host: Steven Pieper
15 Nov 2004 Issam Qattan, Northwestern U. and ANL Physics
Precision Rosenbluth Measurements and Their Constraints on Two-photon Exchange Effects
Host: John Arrington
22 Nov 2004 Norbert Pietralla, State University of New York, Stony Brook
Evolution of Nuclear Structure beyond the Critical Point of the Vibrator-to-Rigid Rotor Shape Phase Transition
Host: Steven Pieper
29 Nov 2004 Greg Hackman, TRIUMF
8pi at ISAC
Host: Robert Janssens
6 Dec 2004 Wei-ping Liu, China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE), Beijing
Nuclear Astrophysics Experiments at CIAE
Host: Chenglie Jiang
13 Dec 2004 Peter Ostroumov, ANL Physics
RIA R&D and its impact on new accelerator projects
Host: Steven Pieper
20 Dec 2004
27 Dec 2004 Christmas/New Year Holiday - No seminar
3 Jan 2005 Christmas/New Year Holiday - No seminar
10 Jan 2005 Elaine C. Schulte, Argonne Physics Division
Time-Reversal Invariance and Radium-225
Host: Steven Pieper
17 Jan 2005 Sanjay Reddy, Los Alamos
Neutron Stars, Supernova and Phases of Dense Quark Matter
Host: Robert Wiringa
24 Jan 2005 Remco Zegers, NCSL, Michigan State University
Charge-exchange reactions: a tool for measuring nuclear properties and astrophysical reaction rates.
Host: Robert Janssens
31 Jan 2005 Steven Gottlieb, Indiana U.
Lattice QCD Comes of Age
Host: Steven Pieper
7 Feb 2005 Robert B. Wiringa, Argonne Physics Division
What's New in Nuclear Quantum Monte Carlo
Host: Robert Wiringa
14 Feb 2005 Augusto O. Macchiavelli, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Status of neutron-proton pairing: A personal perspective
Host: Robert Janssens
21 Feb 2005 Filomena Nunes, NSCL, Michigan State University
Can spectroscopic factors be extracted from transfer reactions?
Host: Steven Pieper
28 Feb 2005 Eliane S. Lessner, Argonne Physics Division
Availability Studies in the RIA Linac Driver
Host: Steven Pieper
7 Mar 2005 Daniel Baye, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Dynamical studies of the breakup of halo nuclei
Host: Steven Pieper
14 Mar 2005 Ian J. Thompson, Surrey U.
Treatment of Coulomb Breakup
Host: Henning Esbensen
21 Mar 2005 Bradley Filippone, Caltech
The neutron electric dipole moment
Host: Steven Pieper
28 Mar 2005 Anatoli Afanasjev, Notre Dame
Rotating structures along the N~Z line: what do we really learn from them?
Host: Steven Pieper
4 Apr 2005 Bela Erdelyi, Northern Illinois U. and Argonne Physics Division
Differential Algebra and Its Applications to Beam Optics.
Host: Jerry Nolen, Jr.
11 Apr 2005 Robert McKeown, Caltech
Studying Neutrinos with Nuclear Reactors: KamLAND and Beyond
Host: Roy Holt
11:00, Tuesday
12 Apr 2005
Special Physics Division Colloquum
Robert McKeown, Caltech
High-energy Particle Astrophysics Research in K-12 Schools
Host: Roy Holt
18 Apr 2005 Alan H. Wuosmaa, Western Michigan University
The (d,p) reaction in light nuclei: past, present, and future
Host: Steven Pieper
25 Apr 2005 Alan M. Nathan, U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Real Compton Scattering from the Proton at Large Momentum Transfer
Host: Roy Holt
2 May 2005 Yasuhiro Masuda, KEK
A New Generation Ultracold Neutron Source
Host: Isao Tanihata
9 May 2005
16 May 2005 Steven W. Yates, U. of Kentucky
Probing vibrational structures with fast neutrons
Host: Robert Janssens
23 May 2005 Harry Lee, Physics, ANL
Quark-Hadron Duality in Electroweak Reactions
Host: Steven Pieper
30 May 2005 Memorial Day - No seminar
6 Jun 2005 Dick Furnstahl, Ohio State U.
Density Functional Theory from Effective Field Theory
Host: Steven Pieper
10:00 AM
9 Jun 2005
Frank Rathmann, Juelich
The PAX Experiment
Host: Don Geesaman
13 Jun 2005
20 Jun 2005 Emmanuel Pollacco, DSM/DAPNIA
Direct reaction experiments with SPIRAL beams and future experiments with a large solid angle DSSD array
Host: Antonio C.C.Villari

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