Date Speaker Intstitution Title
9/11/00 Hiro Ejiri Osaka Univ. Neutrino masses and solar neutrinos by double- and inverse-beta decays of 100Mo
9/18/00 Susan Fischer DePaul Univ. Delayed Alignment in N=Z Nuclei: An Experimental Fact, But What Does it Mean?
9/25/00 Zheng-tian Lu ANL Progress report on laser-trapping experiments at ANL
10/2/00 William Walters Maryland Possible effects on the structure of very neutron-rich nuclides and on

r-process nucleosynthesis arising from a diffuse nuclear surface
10/9/00 no seminar
10/16/00 Aracelli Lopez-Martens CSNSM, Orsay Decay from superdeformed states: review and perspectives
10/23/00 UC review No seminar
10/30/00 John Schiffer ANL Temperature and Order in Trapped Ions
11/6/00 Walter Kutschera Univ. Of Vienna New 14C-Dating Results from the Discovery Site of the Iceman Oetzi
11/13/00 Mike Pellin ANL, CHM Isotopic Anaysis of Star Dust as a Probe of Stellar Nucleosynthesis
11/20/00 R. Wiringa ANL Astrophysics Applications of Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations of Nuclei
11/27/00 Kawtar Hafidi ANL Highlights from HERMES
12/4/00 Jerry Nolen ANL Overview of RIA and Other Proposed Exotic Beam Facilities
12/11/00 Gerry Garvey LANL Some results from p-A Drell-Yan Experiments at FNAL
12/18/00 Yuri Oganessian JINR, Dubna The synthesis and properties of superheavy nuclei in the reactions with 48Ca ions
12/25/00 no seminar
1/1/01 no seminar
1/8/01 I. Ahmad ANL Characterization of Levels in Heaviest Known Nuclei
1/15/01 S. Pieper ANL Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations of Light Nuclei
1/22/01 A. Afanasjevs Notre Dame/ANL Cranked Relativistic Hartree-Bogoliubov Theory: rotating nuclei in the paired regime
1/29/01 David Gaskell ANL Charged Pion Electroproduction from H, 2H, and 3He
2/5/01 cancelled
2/12/01 Peter Ostroumov ANL Design of a Post Accelerator Linac for RIA
2/19/01 Bertold Kraessig ANL, CHM Photoionization of He: Intricacies of a Perfectly Simple Process
2/26/01 no seminar
3/5/01 Krishni Wijesooriya ANL Polarization in High-Energy Photodisintegration of the Deuteron
3/6/01 V. M. Loboshev INR Russian Ac. Sc. Search for kinematic mass of the neutrino: Present status of nu-tau, nu-mu
      and nu-e Experiments. Search for m-nu,e in the tritium beta decay
3/8/01 V. M. Loboshev INR Russian Ac. Sc. Anomalous Structures in the Tritium Beta Decay Spectrum and
      Future Proposed Experiments
3/12/01 Stuart Freedman UC Berkeley & LBNL Solving the Solar Neutrino Problem in the Laboratory at KamLAND
3/15/01 Ivan Mukha GSI Two-roton radioactivity as a genuine three-particle decay
3/19/01 Kai Vetter LBNL Efforts Towards a Gamma-Ray Tracking Array
3/26/01 Stefan Frauendorf Notre Dame New discrete symmetries of the rotating nucleus
4/2/01 Michael Carpenter ANL Spectroscopy at the Proton Drip Line
4/9/01 Stephen Pate New Mexico State Physics with the PHENIX Muon Detector at RHIC
4/11/01 Jeff Hangst Univ. of Aarhus, Denmark The ATHENA Experiment at CERN - Antihydrogen Production and Spectroscopy
4/16/01 Birger Back ANL New Results from PHOBOS
4/23/01 Michael Romalis Univ. of Washington New constraints on CP violation from the search for the electric dipole moment of 199Hg
4/27/01 Albert Young North Carolina State Measuring the Beta-Asymmetry in Neutron Beta-Decay using Ultra-Cold Neutrons
4/30/01 moved to 4/27/01    
5/7/01 Carlos Bertulani BNL Coherent E/M fields in collisions with relativistic heavy ions
5/14/01 Reinhard Schumacher Carnegie-Mellon Hyperon photo- and electro- production at CLAS
5/21/01 Aron Bernstein MIT Electromagnetic Pion Production Experiments and Chiral Symmetry
5/28/01 no seminar Memorial Day
6/4/01 Torben Lauritsen ANL Decay of the first SuperDeformed band in 152Dy
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