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2001-2002 Program

Please contact the host if you wish to arrange a discussion with the speaker.

3 Sep 2001 Labor Day - No seminar
10 Sep 2001 Dave Vieira, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Neutral Atom Traps for Ultrasensitive Detection and Parity Violation Measurements
Host: Zheng-tian Lu
17 Sep 2001 Cary Davids, Argonne National Laboratory
Recent Results in Proton Radioactivity: Experimental and Theoretical
Host: Robert Wiringa
24 Sep 2001 Zhen Zhou, University of Giessen
Time of Flight Mass Measurements of Ions from an Atmospheric Pressure Ion Source
Host: Kim Lister
1 Oct 2001 Louis Bruch, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Dimer and Trimer Formation in 4He Jets
Host: Robert Wiringa
8 Oct 2001 Paul Kienle, Technical University of Munich
Pions in Nuclei, Probes of Chiral Symmetry Restoration
Host: John Schiffer
15 Oct 2001 Ingo Sick, University of Basel
Quasielastic Electron-Nucleus Scattering -- Puzzles and Solutions
Host: Robert Wiringa
22 Oct 2001 Fall DNP Meeting - No seminar
29 Oct 2001 Joe Carlson, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Electroweak Processes in Light Nuclei
Host: Robert Wiringa
5 Nov 2001 Elaine Schulte, University of Illinois
Measurements of the High-Energy Deuteron Photodisintegration Differential Cross Section
Host: Roy Holt
14 Nov 2001
Hans-Joerg Maier, Ludwig Maximilians Universität, Munich
Target Development for the Munich Fission Fragment Accelerator MAFF
Host: John Greene
19 Nov 2001 David Jenkins, University of Liverpool
Heavy Ion Radiative Capture: A study of the 12C(12C,gamma) reaction using Gammasphere
Host: Kim Lister
26 Nov 2001 Alejandro Garcia, University of Notre Dame
The e-nu Correlation as a Tool to Search for New Physics
Host: Robert Wiringa
3 Dec 2001 Carl Brune, Ohio University
The 12C(alpha,gamma)16O Reactionn Rate: Recent Results and Future Prospects
Host: Robert Wiringa
10 Dec 2001 James Sowinski, Indiana University Cyclotron Facility
Investigations of 2- and 3-Nucleon Forces
Host: Robert Wiringa
18 Dec 2001 Frank Dohrmann, Argonne National Laboratory
Hyperon-Nucleon Boundstates and Quasifree Distributions in Electroproduction of Strangeness on Light Nuclei
Host: Robert Wiringa
24 Dec 2001 Christmas Eve - No seminar
31 Dec 2001 New Year's Eve - No seminar
7 Jan 2002
14 Jan 2002 Scott Pratt, Michigan State University
Balance functions, a signal of delayed hadronization at RHIC
Host: Alan Wuosmaa
21 Jan 2002 Henning Esbensen, Argonne National Laboratory
Higher-order Effects in Two-body Breakup Reactions
Host: Robert Wiringa
28 Jan 2002 David Radford, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Nuclear Structure Studies with Neutron-Rich Radioactive Ion Beams
Host: Robert Janssens
4 Feb 2002 Guy Savard, Argonne National Laboratory
Progress in the ion trapping program at ATLAS
Host: Robert Wiringa
11 Feb 2002 Morten Hjorth-Jensen, University of Oslo
Pairing correlations in nuclear systems, from neutron stars to finite nuclei
Host: Robert Wiringa
18 Feb 2002 John Arrington, Argonne National Laboratory
Scaling in Inclusive e-A Scattering: Broken Promises and Untapped Potential
Host: Robert Wiringa
25 Feb 2002 Ken Nollett, California Institute of Technology
Mixing in giant stars and its signatures in stellar spectra and presolar grains
Host: Robert Wiringa
4 Mar 2002
2:00 PM
Tom Dombeck, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Planning the Next Linear Collider
Host: Don Geesaman
4 Mar 2002 Bogdan Mihaila, Argonne National Laboratory
Coupled-Cluster Calculations for p-shell Nuclei
Host: Robert Wiringa
11 Mar 2002 Noemie Koller, Rutgers University
Zooming in on the competition between single particle and collective excitations via magnetic moment measurements
Host: Robert Janssens
18 Mar 2002 Teng Lek Khoo, Argonne National Laboratory
Excited Bands within a Superdeformed Secondary Minimum
Host: Robert Wiringa
25 Mar 2002 Mark Caprio, Yale University
Experiments on critical point nuclei
Host: Kim Lister
1 Apr 2002 Stefan Schramm, Argonne National Laboratory
Nuclei in a Hadronic Model
Host: Robert Wiringa
2 Apr 2002
Stuart Freedman, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
KamLAND: A Now-running Long-baseline Neutrino-oscillation Experiment
Host: John Schiffer
8 Apr 2002 Fridolin Weber, University of Notre Dame
Nuclear Physics at Extreme Conditions
Host: Robert Wiringa
11 Apr 2002
Dale Knutson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Opportunities - Beyond the Science in Major Facility Design and Construction
Host: Don Geesaman
15 Apr 2002 B. Alex Brown, Michigan State University
Open Problems in Nuclear Structure
Host: Robert Wiringa
17 Apr 2002
2:00 PM
Erich Ormand, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Nuclear Structure from Scratch
Host: Robert Wiringa
22 Apr 2002 Spring APS Meeting - No seminar
29 Apr 2002 John Millener, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Hypernuclear structure from gamma-ray spectroscopy
Host: Robert Wiringa
1 May 2002
2:00 PM
Anatoli Afanasjev, Argonne National Laboratory
Covariant Density Functional Theory and Applications to Nuclei at Extremes
Host: Robert Wiringa
6 May 2002 Jen-Chieh Peng, University of Illinois
Plan for a New Neutron EDM Measurement
Host: Roy Holt
9 May 2002
Takahashi Nakatsukasa, Tohoku University
Absorbing-Boundary-Condition Method for Drip-Line Nuclei
Host: Robert Wiringa
10 May 2002
Franco Iachello, Yale University
Quantum Phase Transitions in Nuclei
13 May 2002 Carlos A. Bertulani, Michigan State University
Reactions with Unstable Nuclear Beams
Host: Robert Wiringa
20 May 2002 Dave Mack, Jefferson Lab
The Charged Pion Form Factor Program at JLab
27 May 2002 Memorial Day - No seminar
31 May 2002
Paul-Henri Heenen, Free University of Brussels
Skyrme Mean-Field Approach to Nuclear Structure: Recent Developments and Applications
10 June 2002 Angela Olinto, University of Chicago
Recent Strange Matter News
Host: Robert Wiringa
17 July 2002
Larry Ahle & Lee Bernstein, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Using RIA to Perform Experiments Relevant to Science Based Stockpile Stewardship (SBSS)

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