Physics Division Seminar


Conference Room R150, Bldg. 203, Argonne National Laboratory


Mondays at 3:30 p.m.

(unless otherwise noted)


2002-2003 Program


Please contact the host if you wish to arrange a discussion with the speaker.


  2 Sept. 2002            Labor Day – No Seminar

  9 Sept. 2002            Bertram Blank, CEN, and Physics Division, ANL

                                    “First Observation of Two-Proton Radioactivity from 45Fe”

16 Sept. 2002            Paul Reimer, Physics Division, ANL

                                    “Exploring the Structure of the Pion”

23 Sept. 2002            Yasuyuki Suzuki, Niigata University

                                    “s-shell Lambda-hypernuclei with Lambda N - Sigma N Interactions”

                                    Host:  Robert Wiringa

30 Sept. 2002            Don Gemmell, Physics Division, ANL

                                    “Controlled Energy Release from Nuclear Isomers?  The Situation in 178Hf”

  7 Oct. 2002            No Seminar

14 Oct. 2002            Hans Geissel, GSI, Darmstadt

                                    “Experiments with Exotic Atoms and Exotic Nuclei at the FRS”

                                    Host:  Jerry Nolen

21 Oct. 2002            Paul Debevec, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

                                    “Below a Part Per Million:  Current Status of the Muon

g-2 Experiment and Theory”

                                    Host:  Ernst Rehm

28 Oct. 2002            Haiyan Gao, MIT and Duke University

                                    “Charged Pion Photoproduction at Jefferson Lab”

                                    Host:  Roy Holt

  4 Nov. 2002            INTDS Conference – No Seminar

11 Nov. 2002            Dieter Ackermann, Univ. of Mainz

                                    “Synthesis of Super Heavy Elements – Status and Developments”

                                    Host:  Robert Janssens

18 Nov. 2002            Umesh Garg, Univ. of Notre Dame

“Compressional-mode Giant Resonances and the Nuclear


Host:  Ernst Rehm

25 Nov. 2002            Jerry Miller, Univ. of Washington

                                    “Relativity, Chiral Symmetry and Nucleon Electromagnetic Form Factors”

                                    Host:  Roy Holt

  2 Dec. 2002            Andrew Stuchbery, Michigan State Univ., NSCL

                                    “g Factor Measurements with Fast Fragments”

                                    Host:  Robert Janssens

  3 Dec. 2002            Peter von Brentano, IKP Univ. zu Koln

                                    “Crossing and Anti-crossing of Energies and Widths of Interacting

Unbound States”

                                    Host:  Ernst Rehm

  9 Dec. 2002            Stefan Frauendorf, Univ. of Notre Dame

                                    “The Nature of Proton-Neutron Pair Correlations”

16 Dec. 2002            Sean Freeman, ANL/Univ. of Manchester

                                    “Deformation Effects and Nuclear Structure in Neutron-deficient Nuclei

above Z=82”

Host:  Ernst Rehm

  6 Jan. 2003            Steven Pieper, Physics Division, ANL

                                    “Recent Progress in Calculations of Light Nuclei and Neutron Clusters”

13 Jan. 2003            Petr Vogel

                                    “Double b-Decay”

20 Jan. 2003            Zheng-tian Lu, Physics Division, ANL

                                    Atom Trap, Krypton-81, and Egypt”

27 Jan. 2003            Alan Wuosmaa, Western Michigan Univ.

                                    “Systematics of 12C + 12C Inelastic Scattering from Angular

Correlation Measurements”

  3 Feb. 2003            Nicholas Scielzo, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

                                    “Measuring the Beta-Neutrino Correlation in Laser Trapped 21Na”

10 Feb. 2003            Alexander Heger, Univ. of Chicago

                                    “Evolution and Nucleosynthesis of Massive Stars”

17 Feb. 2003            John Schiffer, Physics Division, ANL

                                    “Plasma Clouds, Distant Classical Cousins of Nuclei”

24 Feb. 2003            Robert Dunford, Chemistry Division, ANL

                                    “Two Photon Transitions in Atomic Inner Shells”

  3 Mar. 2003            Alexander Volya, Physics Division, ANL

                                    “Shell Model in the Continuum:  Toward Nuclei Far from Stability”

10 Mar. 2003            Kawtar Hafidi, Physics Division, ANL

                                    “News from HERMES”

17 Mar. 2003            Karl-Ludwig Kratz, Univ. of Mainz

                                    The Astrophysical r-Process:  A Multi-faceted Approach”

24 Mar. 2003            Marek Lewitowicz, GANIL - CANCELLED

                                    “Recent Results with Fast and Slow Radioactive Beams at GANIL”

31 Mar. 2003            Edward Stephenson, IUCF, Bloomington, IN

                                    “Observation of the Isospin-Forbidden d + d ® 4He + p0

Reaction near Threshold”

  7 Apr. 2003            APS Meeting

15 Apr. 2003            Klaus Wendt, Univ. of Mainz

                                    “Resonance Ionization of Rare Isotopes”

21 Apr. 2003            Teng Lek Khoo, Physics Division, ANL

28 Apr. 2003            RIA Theory Meeting

05 May 2003  

12 May 2003            Boris Keyser, FNAL

19 May 2003            Jose Repond, HEP Division, ANL

                                    “Jet Production at HERA”

26 May 2003            Memorial Day – No Seminar

02 June 2003            Synte Peacock (U of C) 

09 June 2003