Physics Division Seminar


Conference Room R150, Bldg. 203, Argonne National Laboratory


Mondays at 3:30 p.m.

(unless otherwise noted)


2003-2004 Program


Please contact the host if you wish to arrange a discussion with the speaker.


12 Aug. 2003 Bivash Ranjan Behera, INFN, Padova, Italy (Special)

The Role of Entrance Channel Properties in Fission Fragment Angular

Distribution Studies

Host: Ernst Rehm

25 Aug. 2003 Kenneth Hicks, Ohio University

Evidence for an Exotic Baryon: The S=+1 Pentaquark

Host: Roy Holt

27 Aug. 2003 Masayuki Matsuo, Niigata University (Special)

Warm Rotating Nuclei: From Rotational Damping to Ergodic Bands

Host: Teng Lek Khoo

28 Aug. 2003 Cynthia Keppel, Hampton University (Special - 10:00 am)

An Effective Free Neutron Target for Nucleon Structure Measurements:

The Upcoming BONUS Experiment at Jefferson Lab

Host: John Arrington

01 Sept. 2003 Labor Day No Seminar

02 Sept. 2003 Paul Reimer, Physics Division, ANL

Future Directions in Medium Energy Physics at Fermilab and Jefferson Lab

08 Sept. 2003 Edward Brown, University of Chicago

Nuclear Burning on Accreting Neutron Stars

Host: Craig Roberts

15 Sept. 2003 Reinhard Alkofer, Tuebingen University

Aspects of Confinement: QCD Green's Functions and Their Application

to Hadron Physics

Host: Craig Roberts

22 Sept. 2003 RNB6 Conference - No Seminar

29 Sept. 2003 Akram Mukhamedzhanov, Texas A&M University

Asymptotic Normalization Coefficients in Nuclear Astrophysics

Host: Ernst Rehm

06 Oct. 2003 POSTPONED - Jason Clark, Physics Division, ANL/University of Manitoba

Precise Mass Measurements Along the rp-Process

13 Oct. 2003 Alexandra Gade, Michigan State University

Coulomb Excitation with Fast Exotic Beams

Host: Roy Holt

20 Oct. 2003 David Reyna, High Energy Physics Division, ANL

Neutrinos at 1%: A Reactor Based Measurement of q13

Host: Roy Holt

27 Oct. 2003 Robert L. Jaffe, MIT

Exotic Diquark Spectroscopy

Host: Roy Holt

03 Nov. 2003 Harold Metcalf, SUNY, Stony Brook

Optical Forces in Non-Monochromatic Light

Host: Roy Holt

04 Nov. 2003 Mark Huyse, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium (Special - 10:30 am)

Disentangling the 70Ni-70Cu-70Zn Decay Chain by Using Resonant Laser

Ionization and Selective Detection Techniques

Host: Robert Janssens

10 Nov. 2003 Rolf Scharenberg, Purdue University

Evidence for Hadronic Deconfinement in pbar - p Collisions at 1.8 TeV

Host: Roy Holt

17 Nov. 2003 Xiangdong Ji, University of Maryland

Quantum Phase-Space "Tomography" of the Quarks in the Proton

Host: T.-S. Harry Lee

24 Nov. 2003 Dariusz Seweryniak, Physics Division, ANL

Rotating Proton Emitters

01 Dec. 2003 Michael Carpenter, Physics Division, ANL

Shape Coexistence in the Pb-Region

08 Dec. 2003 No Seminar

15 Dec. 2003 Jeff Blackmon, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Nucleosynthesis in Novae and Supernovae

Host: Robert Janssens

22 Dec. 2003 No Seminar

29 Dec. 2003 Lab Closure - No Seminar

05 Jan. 2004 Harold Jackson, Physics Division, ANL

What Can HERMES Say About the Pentaquark?

12 Jan. 2004 Ernst Rehm, Physics Division, ANL

Nuclear Reactions in Supermassive Stars

19 Jan. 2004 Jason Clark, Physics Division, ANL/University of Manitoba

Precise Mass Measurements Along the rp-Process

26 Jan. 2004 Victor Flambaum, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

Parity and Time Reversal Violation in Atoms and Nuclei

and Search for Physics Beyond the Standard Model

Host: Zheng-Tian Lu

02 Feb. 2004 John Arrington, Physics Division, ANL

The Proton Electromagnetic Form Factors...50 Years Later

09 Feb. 2004 Partha Chowdhury, Physics Division, ANL

Add Neutrons and Stir: Heavy Hafnia at High Spins

16 Feb. 2004 Michael Kelly, Physics Division, ANL

Cavity Development for RIA

23 Feb. 2004 Allena Opper, Ohio University, Athens, OH

Charge Symmetry Breaking--From Nuclei to Quarks

Host: Roy Holt

27 Feb. 2004 John W. Harris, Yale University, New Haven, CT (Special)

Ideas for a Comprehensive New Detector for In-Depth Study

of the QGP, Initial Conditions and Spin Physics at RHIC II

Host: Kim Lister

01 Mar. 2004 Brian DeMarco, University of Illinois, Urbana

Progress Toward Scalable Trapped Ion Quantum Computing

Host: Zheng-Tian Lu

05 Mar. 2004 Achim Richter, Technical University Darmstadt, Germany (Special)

Fine Structure of Giant Resonances - A Quest for Experiments

at Highest Resolution

Host: Kim Lister

08 Mar. 2004 Peter Parker, Yale University, New Haven, CT

Laboratory Measurements of Explosive Nucleosynthesis Rates

Host: Roy Holt

15 Mar. 2004 Richard Chasman, Physics Division, ANL

Neutron-Proton Pairing in Nuclei

22 Mar. 2004 Thomas Duguet, Physics Division, ANL

Nuclear Density-Functional: From Normal to Soft Systems

29 Mar. 2004 John Schiffer, Physics Division, ANL

Is the Spin-Orbit Interaction Changing with Neutron Excess?

05 Apr. 2004 Guy Savard, Physics Division, ANL

The ATLAS Cf-Source Upgrade and Other Applications of Large Gas Catchers

12 Apr. 2004 Linda Young, Chemistry Division, ANL

Atomic and Molecular Physics with Ultrafast, Ultra-intense X-rays

19 Apr. 2004 Michael R. Savina, Materials Science Division, ANL

Starry Messengers: Stardust Grains and the Synthesis of Heavy

Elements in Stars

26 Apr. 2004 Craig Roberts, Physics Division, ANL

Dynamical Chiral Symmetry Breaking: Current-quarks, Constituent-quarks,

and Pseudoscalar Mesons

03 May 2004 APS Meeting - No Seminar

10 May 2004 Kim Lister, Physics Division, ANL

Neutron-Proton Pairing Correlations in N=Z Nuclei: Experimental Facts and

Some Semantics of Interpretation

17 May 2004 Kenneth Nollett, Physics Division, ANL

Astrophysical Reaction Rates from Realistic Nuclear Forces and Currents

24 May 2004 Zeev Vager, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Bosons as the Origin for Giant Magnetic Properties of Organic Monolayers

Host: Roy Holt

31 May 2004 Memorial Day - No Seminar

12 July 2004 Peter Mueller, Physics Division, ANL

Laser Spectroscopic Determination of the 6He Nuclear Charge Radius