Heavy Ion Discussion Group

Conference Room R-150, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory

Fridays at 3:30 PM

2013-2014 Program

20 Sep 2013 Paul-Henri Heenen, Free University of Brussels
Beyond mean-field description of low-energy nuclear spectroscopy: Present and future
27 Sep 2013 Sergio Almaraz Calderon, Argonne Physics Division
Fusion reaction measurements with MUSIC
4 Oct 2013 John Schiffer, Argonne Physics Division
Order of single-particle states in light nuclei: the behavior of bound s-states near threshold
11 Oct 2013 Darek Seweryniak, Argonne Physics Division
SUPERB vs ISLA: The Battle of ReA12 Recoil Mass Separators
18 Oct 2013 Ernst Rehm and Ben Kay, Argonne Physics Division
Status Reports on SECAR and a Solenoid Spectrometer at ReAX and FRIB
25 Oct 2013 Fall DNP Meeting - No Heavy Ion Discussion
Newport News, VA, 23-26 October
1 Nov 2013 Wei Jiang Argonne Physics Division
An update on ATTA and a new LDRD project
7 Nov 2013 Special Day: Thursday
Dimiter Balabanski, Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Towards experiments at the ELI-NP facility
15 Nov 2013 Mike Carpenter, Argonne Physics Division
Shape coexistence in neutron-rich nuclei near N=40
22 Nov 2013 ATLAS PAC meeting - No Heavy Ion Discussion
Argonne Physics Division, 22-23 Nov
29 Nov 2013 Thanksgiving - No Heavy Ion Discussion
6 Dec 2013 Richard Pardo and Gary Zinkann, Argonne Physics Division
ATLAS Status and Restart Plans
13 Dec 2013 Maria Power and Chris Peters, Argonne Physics Division
The ATLAS Control System: Applications for Research
20 Dec 2013 No Heavy Ion Discussion
27 Dec 2013 Holiday Break - No Heavy Ion Discussion
3 Jan 2014 No Heavy Ion Discussion
10 Jan 2014 No Heavy Ion Discussion
16 Jan 2014 Special Day: Thursday
William Zimmerman, Duke University and the Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL)
Direct Observation of the Second 2+ State in 12C
24 Jan 2014 Filip Kondev, Argonne Nuclear Engineering Division
Radioisotopes and the global fight against cancer: the case of 67Cu
31 Jan 2014 Michael Albers, Argone Physics Division
Single-particle and collective excitations in 63Ni
7 Feb 2014 Ian Schaller, ESQ-HP, Argonne National Laboratory
Beam-On Access to ATLAS RWP
14 Feb 2014 Special Time: 11:00 am
Michael Paul, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
First Experiments with a kW-Power Beam on a Liquid-Lithium Target
14 Feb 2014 Sergey Kondrashev, Argonne Physics Division
Status of CARIBU EBIS Charge Breeder
17 Feb 2014 Special Day and Time: Monday 11:00 am
Rene Reifarth, Goethe Universitat Frankfurt, Germany
Nuclear Astrophysics Constraining Cosmology
28 Feb 2014 Irshad Ahmed, Argonne Physics Division
Open Source Training
7 Mar 2014 No Heavy Ion Discussion
14 Mar 2014 Jens Dilling, TRIUMF
TITAN: Status and Recent Measurements
21 Mar 2014 Agnieszka Czeszumska, University of California Berkeley & Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Beta-delayed neutron measurements with the BPT at CARIBU
28 Mar 2014 Will Bauder, University of Notre Dame & Argonne National Laboratory
Development of Laser Ablation in an ECRIS for the MANTRA Project
4 Apr 2014 No Heavy Ion Discussion
11 Apr 2014 Matthew Fraser, CERN
The High Intensity and Energy Upgrade Project at ISOLDE, CERN
11 Apr 2014 APS April Meeting
Savannah, GA, 5-8 April
17 Apr 2014 Special Day: Thursday
Walter Loveland, Oregon State University
Fission-Survival probabilities in hot fusion reactions and the energy release in fission
18 Apr 2014 Iyabo Usman, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
Overview of Nuclear Physics Experiments Using the K600 Magnetic Spectrometer of iThemba LABS, South Africa
24 Apr 2014 Special Day: Thursday
Alan Robinson, University of Chicago
Measuring the Bubble Nucleation Efficiency of PICO Bubble Chambers
2 May 2014 Sergio Almaraz, Argonne Physics Division
Direct Measurement of the 23Na(alpha,p)26Mg Reaction Cross Section at Energies Relevant for the Production of Galactic 26Al
9 May 2014 Peter Ostroumov & Calem Hoffman, Argonne Physics Division
ATLAS Multi-User Potential & AIRIS
16 May 2014 ATLAS Users Meeting
Argonne National Laboratory
23 May 2014 Arnaud Leredde, Argonne Physics Division
Precision beta decay study of laser trapped 6He
30 May 2014 Ushasi Datta Pramanik, Saha Institute Of Nuclear Physics
Exploring shell evolution around the island of inversion nuclei via a novel spectroscopic tool, Coulomb Breakup

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