Heavy Ion Discussion Group

Conference Room R-150, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory

Fridays at 3:30 PM

2010-2011 Program

10 Sep 2010 Midwest Theory Get-Together
Argonne Physics Division, 10-11 September
17 Sep 2010 Paul Reimer, Argonne Physics Division
Tour of the Drell-Yan Experiment at Fermilab
24 Sep 2010 John Greene, Argonne Physics Division
What isotopes should be harvested at FRIB?
1 Oct 2010 Andrew Rogers, Argonne Physics Division
Beta decay of proton-rich 69,70,71Kr isotopes
8 Oct 2010 Will Williams and Wei Jiang, Argonne Physics Division
Ar-39 detection at the part-per-quadrillion level with atom trap trace analysis
15 Oct 2010 Benjamin Kay, Argonne Physics Division
HELIOS: results from the Xe experiments and future plans
22 Oct 2010 25 Years of ATLAS
Argonne Physics Division, 22-23 October
29 Oct 2010 Richard Pardo and Rick Vondrasek, Argonne Physics Division
Current status of the CARIBU project
5 Nov 2010 Fall DNP Meeting
Santa Fe, 2-6 November
12 Nov 2010 Irshad Ahmad, Argonne Physics Division
Open source training
19 Nov 2010 Chris Chiara, University of Maryland
Taking a DIS-interest in neutron-rich nuclei with Gammasphere
26 Nov 2010 Thanksgiving - no Heavy Ion Discussion
30 Nov 2010 Special Date and Time: Tuesday, 11:00 am
Guy Ron, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Electrostatic traps as a high precision measurement tool
10 Dec 2010 Calem Hoffman, Argonne Physics Division
Identification of a high-lying resonance in 24O
17 Dec 2010 No Heavy Ion Discussion
24 Dec 2010 Christmas Eve - no Heavy Ion Discussion
31 Jan 2011 New Year's Eve - no Heavy Ion Discussion
7 Jan 2011 No Heavy Ion Discussion
14 Jan 2011 Darek Seweryniak, Argonne Physics Division
Controversy about the ordering of the d5/2 and g7/2 single-neutron states in 101Sn
21 Jan 2011 C.J. (Kim) Lister, Argonne Physics Division and
E. Frank Moore, Argonne Security and Counterintelligence Division
Profiting from Gammasphere:
money making schemes and useful applications utilizing our Gammasphere infrastructure
28 Jan 2011 Eric B. (Rick) Norman, Department of Nuclear Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
Nuclear physics measurements for Homeland Security
4 Feb 2011 John Arrington, Argonne Physics Division
What's wrong with QCD?
11 Feb 2011 Oscar Naviliat-Cuncic, NSCL, Michigan State University
Precision measurements of the beta-neutrino angular correlation in Gamow-Teller decays
18 Feb 2011 Filip Kondev, Argonne Nuclear Engineering Division
Decay of the Kπ=23/2- isomer (T1/2=160.44 d) in 177Lu revisited
25 Feb 2011 Director's Special Colloquium (Stuart Freedman)
Building 402 Conference Center, 25 February, 10:30 AM
4 Mar 2011 Libby McCutchan, Argonne Physics Division
196Pt and the O(6) symmetry
11 Mar 2011 Martin Alcorta, Argonne Physics Division
Fusion reactions with 15C
18 Mar 2011 Mike Carpenter, Argonne Physics Division
Digital Gammasphere: Project update and future plans
25 Mar 2011 Guy Savard, Matthew Sternberg, Kim Lister, and Jon Van Schelt, Argonne Physics Division
CARIBU stopped-beam experiments and first measurements
1 Apr 2011 No Heavy Ion Discussion
8 Apr 2011 Peter Ostroumov, Argonne Physics Division
ATLAS efficiency and intensity upgrade
15 Apr 2011 Workshop on "Decay Spectroscopy at CARIBU: Advanced Fuel Cycle Applications, Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics"
Argonne National Laboratory, 14-16 April
22 Apr 2011 ATLAS PAC meeting
Argonne Physics Division, 22-23 April
29 Apr 2011 Greg Henning, CSNSM
Stability and fission barrier of 254No
6 May 2011 Special Time and Location: 3:00 pm in APS lobby
Tour of APS
13 May 2011 Sergey Kondrashev, Argonne Physics Division
EBIS charge breeder for CARIBU
20 May 2011 Paddy Regan, Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Physics, University of Surrey
'What's the NORM?'
27 May 2011 YOU, Argonne Physics Division
Ways we could improve the running of experiments at ATLAS
3 June 2011 Xiao-Dong Tang, Department of Physics, University of Notre Dame
Does the 12C + 12C fusion reaction trigger superbursts?
6 June 2011 Special Day: Monday
Brad Sherrill, NSCL, Michigan State University
Status of ReA3 and FRIB
13 June 2011 Special Day: Monday
E. Frank Moore, Argonne Security and Counterintelligence Division
DOE response to the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear accident
16 June 2011 Special Day: Thursday
Hyo In Park, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Texas A&M University
High-precision measurements of the superallowed 0+ → 0+ beta decay of 38Ca and 46V
23 June 2011 Special Day: Thursday
Sergio Almaraz-Calderon, Department of Physics, University of Notre Dame
The level structure of the astrophysical important nuclei 18Ne and 30S
21 July 2011 Special Day: Thursday
Andrew Ratkiewicz, Michigan State University
Collectivity of exotic silicon isotopes
4 August 2011 Special Day: Thursday
Ernesto Mané Júnior, TRIUMF
Laser spectroscopy of radioisotopes at TRIUMF: Recent highlights and future plans
8 August 2011 Special Day: Monday
Seung-Woo Hong, Sungkyunkwan University, Republic of Korea
Current status of the KoRIA project

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