Heavy Ion Discussion Group

Conference Room R-150, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory

Fridays at 3:30 PM

2011-2012 Program

9 Sep 2011 John Arrington, Argonne Physics Division
Extracting the proton charge and magnetization radii
16 Sep 2011 C.J. (Kim) Lister, Argonne Physics Division
From measurement to meaning: The continuing saga of A=10 nuclei
23 Sep 2011 XXIV Midwest Theory Get-Together
Argonne Physics Division, 23-24 September
30 Sep 2011 Philippe Collon, University of Notre Dame
60Fe half-life, 60% longer than previously measured? A status report.
4 Oct 2011 Special Day: Tuesday
Stephen Padgett, University of Tennessee
The beta decay of 81Zn and nuclear structure around the N=50 shell closure
7 Oct 2011 Calem Hoffman, Argonne Physics Division
Determination of the neutron single-particle strength distribution in 20O
14 Oct 2011 Clayton Dickerson, Argonne Physics Division
EBIS development for CARIBU
19 Oct 2011 Special Day: Wednesday
Pierre Delahaye, GANIL
ISOL beam R&D for fundamental physics
21 Oct 2011 Irshad Ahmad, Argonne Physics Division
New data on octupole deformation in 229Pa
28 Oct 2011 Fall DNP Meeting
East Lansing, 26-29 October
2 Nov 2011 Special Day: Wednesday
Jun Chen, McMaster University
Study of astrophysically important states in 26Si using radioactive beams
11 Nov 2011 Peter Mueller, Argonne Physics Division
Charge radii of light isotopes from hydrogen to boron
15 Nov 2011 Special Date and Time: Tuesday, 1:30 pm
Alfredo Estrade, GSI
Measurements of nuclear masses and matter distributions of unstable isotopes relevant to the physics of neutron stars
18 Nov 2011 Jerry Nolen, Argonne Physics Division
Medical isotopes for cancer therapy and superconducting windmills for sustainable energy
25 Nov 2011 Thanksgiving - no Heavy Ion Discussion
1 Dec 2011 Special Date and Time: Thursday, 1:30 pm
Lixin Chen, Texas A&M University
Probing fundamental physics with precision superallowed beta-decay experiments
9 Dec 2011 Gang Li, McGill University
Beta-neutrino angular correlation measurements in the decay of 8Li
16 Dec 2011 Open source training
23 Dec 2011 Holiday Break - no Heavy Ion Discussion
30 Dec 2011 Holiday Break - no Heavy Ion Discussion
6 Jan 2012 Mike Carpenter and Darek Seweryniak, Argonne Physics Division
Digital data acquisition systems at ATLAS
13 Jan 2012 ATLAS PAC meeting
Argonne Physics Division, 13-14 Jan
17 Jan 2012 Special Day: Tuesday
John Leacock, Department of Physics, Virginia Tech
The Qweak experiment and the N→Δ transition measurement at Jefferson Lab
19 Jan 2012 Special Day: Thursday
Sankha Hota, UMass Lowell
Spectroscopy of heavy elements using inelastic and transfer reactions
27 Jan 2012 Guy Savard and Richard Pardo, Argonne Physics Division
ATLAS in 2012
1 Feb 2012 Special Date and Time: Wednesday, 10:00 am
Krista Meierbachtol, Department of Chemistry and NSCL, Michigan State University
Evolution of fragmentation momentum distributions with mass and a new CsI(Na) hodoscope array
2 Feb 2012 Special Day: Thursday
A. Pérez Galván, W. K. Kellogg Radiation Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
A new search for the electric dipole moment of the neutron at the Spallation Neutron Source
3 Feb 2012 Scott Marley, Western Michigan University
Study of the structure of 9C at ATLAS
10 Feb 2012 Ken Teh, Argonne Physics Division
Discussion on data acquisition systems
16 Feb 2012 Special Day: Thursday
Patrick O'Malley, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rutgers University
Nuclear reactions and nucleosynthesis
24 Feb 2012 Ryan Yee, UC Berkeley Department of Nuclear Engineering
Beta-delayed neutron spectroscopy using trapped ions
2 Mar 2012 David Potterveld, Argonne Physics Division
AGFA — The Argonne Gas-Filled Fragment Analyzer
9 Mar 2012 Brahim Mustapha and Peter Ostroumov, Argonne Physics Division
The CW RFQ for the ATLAS Upgrade: From Design to Fabrication
16 Mar 2012 Torben Lauritsen, Argonne Physics Division
Tracking γ rays in GRETINA
23 Mar 2012 Henning Esbensen, Argonne Physics Division
Structures in heavy-ion fusion reactions
30 Mar 2012 Spring APS Meeting
Atlanta, 31 March - 3 April
6 Apr 2012 Shaofei Zhu, Argonne Physics Division
Beta-decay studies of CARIBU beams at Gammasphere
13 Apr 2012 Artemis Spyrou, NSCL, Michigan State University
Nuclear structure along the neutron drip line: recent results of MoNA
20 Apr 2012 Teng Lek Khoo, Argonne Physics Division
The GRETINA commissioning campaign
27 Apr 2012 Tala Palchan-Hazan, Argonne Physics Division
Off-line test and installation of laser ablation at ECRII
4 May 2012 Dan Lascar, Argonne Physics Division
Mass measurements with the CPT at CARIBU
11 May 2012 Zack Conway, Argonne Physics Division
Experimental results from a reduced beta superconducting cavity with record surface fields
18 May 2012 No Heavy Ion Discussion
25 May 2012 No Heavy Ion Discussion
1 June 2012 Jon Van Schelt, Argonne Physics Division
CPT mass measurements and the r process
8 June 2012 No Heavy Ion Discussion
15 June 2012 Peter Bertone, Argonne Physics Division
First commissioning results with the tape station at CARIBU
20 July 2012 Zheng-Tian Lu, Argonne Physics Division
Atom Trap Trace Analysis — the technical challenges ahead

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