Heavy Ion Discussion Group

Conference Room R-150, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory

Fridays at 3:30 PM

2012-2013 Program

7 Sep 2012 Teng Lek Khoo, Argonne Physics Division
Science justification for AGFA: I. Superheavy elements
14 Sep 2012 Darek Seweryniak, Argonne Physics Division
Studies along the proton drip-line with AGFA
21 Sep 2012 Haridas Pai, Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata, India
Experimental study of nuclear structure in the vicinity of Z = 82 and N = 82 shell closures
28 Sep 2012 Ernst Rehm, Argonne Physics Division
Physics opportunities with AIRIS
5 Oct 2012 Guy Savard, Argonne Physics Division
Deep inelastic reactions at AGFA and the CPT
12 Oct 2012 No Heavy Ion Discussion
18 Oct 2012 Special Day: Thursday
Brad Micklich, Argonne Physics Division
Shielding for the ATLAS Booster upgrade
19 Oct 2012 Tan Ahn, NSCL, Michigan State University
Study of isobaric analog states in the Sn region with CARIBU and prototype AT-TPC
26 Oct 2012 Fall DNP Meeting
Newport Beach, CA, 24-27 October
2 Nov 2012 No Heavy Ion Discussion
9 Nov 2012 Walter Reviol, Department of Chemistry, Washington University
Inverse-kinematic studies with Gretina/DGS + Phoswich Wall using CARIBU beams
15 Nov 2012 Special Day: Thursday
Clay Dickerson, Argonne Physics Division
The CARIBU EBIS charge breeder design and recent commissioning results
16 Nov 2012 Jie Meng, School of Physics, Peking University
Exotic nuclear structure and origin of the heavy nuclei in covariant density functional theory
19 Nov 2012 Special Day and Time: Monday, 10:00 am
Michael Albers, Argonne Physics Division
Radioactive ion beams at REX-ISOLDE, CERN
21 Nov 2012 Special Day: Wednesday
Martin Alcorta, Argonne Physics Division
An overview of AIRIS: The Argonne In-flight Radioactive Ion Separator
23 Nov 2012 Thanksgiving - no Heavy Ion Discussion
30 Nov 2012 Amel Korichi, CSNSM, IN2P3/CNRS, France
The European Advanced GAmma Tracking Array: status and perspectives
7 Dec 2012 No Heavy Ion Discussion
14 Dec 2012 ATLAS PAC meeting
Argonne Physics Division, 14-15 Dec
21 Dec 2012 No Heavy Ion Discussion
28 Dec 2012 Holiday Break - no Heavy Ion Discussion
7 Jan 2013 Special Day and Time: Monday, 10:30 am
Tony Mendez, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
The optical design of the new radioactive ion beam injector at HRIBF
11 Jan 2013 Guy Savard, Argonne Physics Division
Mass measurements beyond 130Cd
17 Jan 2013 Special Day: Thursday
Daniel Santiago-Gonzalez, Department of Physics, Florida State University
Breaking the shells in neutron-rich nuclei, an experimental study of 44S and 20O
18 Jan 2013 Special Time: 1:30 pm
Melina Avila, Department of Physics, Florida State University
α-cluster structure of 18O and ANC measurements on ( 6Li,d) reactions
25 Jan 2013 Special Heavy Ion Discussion
Daniel Ayangeakaa, Department of Physics, University of Notre Dame
Exotic Modes of Collective Quantal Excitations: Nuclear Tidal Waves and the phenomenon of Multiple Chiral Bands
31 Jan 2013 Special Day: Thursday
Shaohua Liu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
New insights into neutron-rich nuclei from spontaneous and proton-induced fission: a connection to experiments at CARIBU
7 Feb 2013 Special Day: Thursday
Farheen Naqvi, Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory, Yale University
Nuclear structure below and above 132Sn
15 Feb 2013 Jun Chen, Argonne Nuclear Engineering Division
Search for fission decays of high-K isomers in 254Rf*
21 Feb 2013 Special Day: Thursday
Helena David, Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics, University of Edinburgh
Observation of new low-lying states in N = Z nuclei using a fast β-decay tagging system on the Argonne FMA
27 Feb 2013 Special Day: Wednesday
Philip Adsley, Department of Physics, University of York
Indirect studies of α-induced reactions with SHARC/TIGRESS: 15O(α,γ)19Ne
1 Mar 2013 Gretina Workshop
Argonne National Laboratory, 1-2 March
8 Mar 2013 Andrew Klose, Department of Chemistry & National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University
Off-line production of singly-charged, transition-metal beams and subsequent collinear laser spectroscopy of neutral, stable 55Mn and 56Fe
15 Mar 2013 Peter Ostroumov and Gary Zinkann, Argonne Physics Division
Status of the ATLAS Upgrade
19 Mar 2013 Special Day: Tuesday
Arnaud Leredde, Laboratoire de Physique Corpusculaire, Caen, France
Recoil ion momentum spectroscopy: Application to atomic collisions and nuclear beta decay
29 Mar 2013 No Heavy Ion Discussion
5 Apr 2013 Calem Hoffman, Argonne Physics Division
Results on recent developments with HELIOS
12 Apr 2013 APS April Meeting
Denver, CO, 13-16 April
19 Apr 2013 Paul Reimer, Argonne Physics Division
The dirt on the Drell-Yan experiment
25 Apr 2013 Special Day: Thursday
Libby McCutchan and Alejandro Sonzogni, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Following fission fragments: a data-base and up approach to decay heat and Daya Bay antineutrinos
3 May 2013 Francesco Recchia, National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University
Study of the 68Ni region by means of deep-inelastic and neutron knock-out reactions
7 May 2013 Special Day and Time: Tuesday, 11:00 am
Abhijit Bisoi, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, India
Superdeformation and alpha-cluster structure in 35Cl
10 May 2013 Matthew Bowers, Department of Physics, University of Notre Dame
The 33S(α,p)36Cl cross-section: Implications for 36Cl production in the early solar system
17 May 2013 Jerry Nolen, Argonne Physics Division
DOE proposal and first test for medical therapeutic isotope production at ATLAS
24 May 2013 Hiroyuki Makii, Advance Science Research Center, Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Determination of the neutron capture cross sections using multi-nucleon transfer reactions
31 May 2013 Ben Kay and John Schiffer, Argonne Physics Division
Quenching of spectroscopic factors in nucleon transfer reactions

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