Heavy Ion Discussion Group

Conference Room R-150, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory

Fridays at 3:30 PM

2009-2010 Program

4 Sep 2009 Jerry Nolen, Argonne Physics Division
Report on the KoRIA Project
Special Time: 11:00 am
11 Sep 2009 Amar Vutha, Yale University
Status of the ThO Electron EDM Search Experiment
18 Sep 2009 Robert Casperson, Yale University
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Collective Motion in Low-Lying Mixed-Symmetry States
25 Sep 2009 Peter Fierlinger, Technische Universität München
A New Search for the Electric Dipole Moment of Xe-129
2 Oct 2009 Hongwei Zhao, Lanzhou Institute of Modern Physics
IMP Accelerator Status and Development
9 Oct 2009 Eddie Paul, University of Liverpool
Nuclear structure at the extremes of spin and isospin
16 Oct 2009 Fall DNP Meeting
Hawaii, 13-17 Oct - no Heavy Ion Discussion
23 Oct 2009 Elizabeth Ricard-McCutchan, Argonne Physics Division
The technology of angular correlations with GAMMASPHERE: Physics now and with CARIBU
30 Oct 2009 Daniel Bazin, Michigan State University
ISLA: an Isochronous Spectrometer with Large Acceptance for the reaccelerated radioactive beams of FRIB
6 Nov 2009 No Heavy Ion Discussion Group
13 Nov 2009 David Potterveld, Argonne Physics Division
Opening New Windows on Solar Energy
20 Nov 2009 Teng Lek Khoo, Argonne Physics Division
Exploring superheavy nuclei through Eshell(Z,I) & Bf(Z,I)
27 Nov 2009 Thanksgiving - no Heavy Ion Discussion
4 Dec 2009 Gang Li, McGill University
Progress on β-ν angular correlation measurement by Li-8
11 Dec 2009 Tala Palchan Hazan, Hebrew University
Interaction of Intense Laser with Snow Wires
18 Dec 2009 Catherine Deibel, Argonne Physics Division
Studying the (α,p)-process in X-Ray Bursts using Radioactive Ion Beams at ATLAS
25 Dec 2009 Christmas - no Heavy Ion Discussion
1 Jan 2010 New Year's - no Heavy Ion Discussion
8 Jan 2010 No Heavy Ion Discussion
15 Jan 2010 No Heavy Ion Discussion
22 Jan 2010 No Heavy Ion Discussion
29 Jan 2010 Peter Mueller, Argonne Physics Division
Towards a Weak Interaction Study with Laser Trapped He-6
5 Feb 2010 John Schiffer, Argonne Physics Division
Mean Fields, Effective Interactions, and the Tensor force, an Overview of recent work by Otsuka et al.
12 Feb 2010 No Heavy Ion Discussion
Spring APS Meeting,
Washington, DC, 13-16 Feb
19 Feb 2010 No Heavy Ion Discussion
26 Feb 2010 No Heavy Ion Discussion
5 Mar 2010 Brian Odom, Northwestern University
Prospects for Internal Cooling of Trapped Molecular Ions
12 Mar 2010 Matthew Szydagis, University of Chicago
Bubble Chambers as Dark Matter Detectors
19 Mar 2010 Ben Kay, Argonne Physics Division
HELIOS - Progress and Possibilities
25 Mar 2010 Special Date: Thursday, 3:30 pm
Zachary Kohley, Texas A&M
N/Z and Symmetry Energy Dependencies of the Collective Transverse Flow in Fermi Energy Heavy-Ion Reactions
2 Apr 2010 Special Time: 3:00 pm
Janne Pakarinen, CERN-ISOLDE
The SAGE spectrometer – combining in-beam electron and gamma-ray spectroscopy
9 Apr 2010 No Heavy Ion Discussion
16 Apr 2010 No Heavy Ion Discussion
23 Apr 2010 Julien Piot, Université de Strasbourg
Spectroscopy of Transfermium Elements: Towards the Island of Stability
30 Apr 2010 Ernst Rehm, Argonne Physics Division
Can we make secondary beams with higher intensities at ATLAS?
7 May 2010 No Heavy Ion Discussion
11 May 2010 Special Date: Tuesday, 3:30 pm
Hervé Savajols, GANIL
The SPIRAL2 and S3 Projects at GANIL
21 May 2010 Claudio Ugalde, Argonne Physics DIvision
Latest results from the STAR bubble chamber

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