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Mondays at 3:30 PM

2010-2011 Program

Please contact the host if you wish to arrange a discussion with the speaker.

6 Sep 2010 Labor Day -- No seminar
13 Sep 2010 Daniel Phillips, Ohio University
Revealing the Chiral Structure of Neutrons and Light Nuclei Using Electron and Photon Scattering
Host: Craig Roberts
20 Sep 2010 Paul Reimer, Argonne Physics Division
That JLab Thing: Parity Violation with 6 and 11 GeV electrons
Host: Bob Wiringa
28 Sep 2010
Lee Sobotka, Washington University
The 2p-2p decay of  8C and other 2p decay cases in light nuclei
Host: Bob Wiringa
4 Oct 2010 Douglas Beck, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Results from the Backward Angle G0 Experiment
Host: Bob Wiringa
11 Oct 2010 Mike Snow, Indiana University
Parity Violation in Neutron Spin Rotation
Host: Bob Wiringa
18 Oct 2010 Jan C. Bernauer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Mainz High-Precision Proton Form Factor Measurement
Host: John Arrington
25 Oct 2010 25 Years of Atlas Symposium
Argonne, IL, 22-23 Oct
1 Nov 2010 Fall DNP Meeting
Santa Fe, NM, 2-6 Nov
8 Nov 2010 Alexandra Gade, Michigan State University
Tracking the Evolution of Shell Structure with In-Beam Nuclear Spectroscopy
Host: Mike Carpenter
15 Nov 2010 Alan Wuosmaa, Western Michigan University
How exotic is 16C? Study of the 15C(d,p)16C reaction with HELIOS
Host: Bob Wiringa
22 Nov 2010 Oleg Denisov, INFN Torino
COMPASS-II (CERN, SPS) Program: Probing Hadron Structure in a Polarised Drell-Yan Experiment
Host: Paul Reimer
29 Nov 2010 Volker Crede, Florida State University
Experimental Overview of the N* Program: What have we learned about the excited states of the nucleon?
Host: Bob Wiringa
6 Dec 2010 David Chamulak, Argonne Physics Division
Fire and Iron: Metallicity and Thermonuclear Supernovae
Host: Bob Wiringa
13 Dec 2010 Postponed to 21 Feb
20 Dec 2010 Chen-Yu Liu, Indiana University
First Experimental Limit on the Electric Dipole Moment of the Electron in GGG Paramagnetic Insulator
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu
27 Dec 2010 Christmas & New Year Holidays -- No seminar
3 Jan 2011 Christmas & New Year Holidays -- No seminar
10 Jan 2011 Bob Wiringa, Argonne Physics Division
Manhattan and the B-29
Host: me
17 Jan 2011 Hal Jackson, Argonne Physics Division
Quarks Spinning in the Proton: What Have We Learned from HERMES?
Host: Bob Wiringa
24 Jan 2011 Rick Casten, Yale University
Symmetries and Simple Patterns in Nuclei
Host: Libby McCutchan
31 Jan 2011 Michael Paul, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Towards a High-Intensity Source of Stellar-Energy Neutrons
Host: Ernst Rehm
7 Feb 2011 Remco Zegers, Michigan State University
Charge-Exchange Reactions with Rare-Isotope Beams
Host: Kim Lister
10 Feb 2011
Joaquín Drut, Los Alamos National Laboratory
The Unitary Fermi Gas and the Challenge of Simple Quantum Mechanics
Host: Bob Wiringa
14 Feb 2011 Jonathan Engel, University of North Carolina
Nuclear Theory for Double-Beta Decay
Host: Bob Wiringa
17 Feb 2011
Alexandros Gezerlis, University of Washington
Bridging the Gap: Fermions in Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics
Host: Bob Wiringa
21 Feb 2011 Carl Brune, Ohio University
The First Proton-Transfer Study of 18F+p Resonances Relevant for Novae
Host: Bob Wiringa
28 Feb 2011 Catherine Deibel, Argonne Physics Division
X-Ray Burst Nucleosynthesis: Studying the (α,p)-process at ATLAS
Host: Bob Wiringa
7 Mar 2011 Rocco Schiavilla, Jefferson Lab & Old Dominion University
Electroweak structure of the few nucleons: the old and the new
Host: Bob Wiringa
14 Mar 2011 John P. Schiffer, Argonne Physics Division
Constraining Matrix Elements for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
Host: Bob Wiringa
21 Mar 2011 John P. Ralston, University of Kansas
The Embarrassing Problem of Direct Dark Matter Detection
Host: Craig Roberts
23 Mar 2011
Jutta Escher, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Nuclear Reactions for Astrophysics and Other Applications
Host: Birger Back
28 Mar 2011 Xiaohui Zhan, Argonne Physics Division
Low Q2 Proton Form Factor Measurements and the Proton Size Puzzle
Host: John Arrington
31 Mar 2011
Lucas Platter, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg
Effective Field Theories for Nuclear Systems
Host: Craig Roberts
11 Apr 2011 Partha Chowdhury, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Heavy Element Spectroscopy via Inelastic and Transfer Reactions
Host: Bob Wiringa
14 Apr 2011
Stefano Gandolfi, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Quantum Monte Carlo Study of Strongly Correlated Fermions: Neutron Matter, Neutron Stars and Cold Atoms
Host: Bob Wiringa
18 Apr 2011 Rituparna Kanungo, St. Mary's University, Halifax
Reaction Spectroscopy with Re-accelerated and Relativistic Beams of Neutron-rich Nuclei
Host: Bob Wiringa
25 Apr 2011 GHP2011
Anaheim, CA, 27-29 Apr
2 May 2011 Spring APS Meeting
Anaheim, CA, 30 Apr - 3 May
9 May 2011 Andreas Knecht, University of Washington
Using Ultra-cold Neutrons for Fundamental Physics
Host: Peter Mueller
16 May 2011 Kenneth M. Nollett, Argonne Physics Division
Nuclear Widths, Virtual and Real
Host: Bob Wiringa
23 May 2011 ATLAS Science & Technology Review
Argonne, IL, 24-26 May
30 May 2011 Memorial Day -- No seminar
6 Jun 2011
Special HIDG
Brad Sherrill, Michigan State University
Status of ReA3 and FRIB
Host: Jason Clark
13 Jun 2011 E. Frank Moore, Argonne Security and Counterintelligence Division
DOE Response to the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Accident
Host: Jason Clark
26 Jul 2011
Weiping Liu, China Institute for Atomic Energy
Progress of BRIF and the proposal of CARIF (On-going and planed RI projects in CIAE)
Host: Cheng-lie Jiang

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