ATLAS Schedule

The calendar above shows ATLAS events relevant to our user community including scheduled experiments, major maintenance operations and shutdown periods. To enable/disable a specific calendar, click on the button in the upper-right corner of the calendar window.

ATLAS User Forms

1. ATLAS facility user data

As a DOE User Facility we ask all ATLAS users, including ANL staff and postdocs, to fill the form below for each experiment in which you participated:

  • Prefilled forms can be found here (if you have filled out the form previously)
  • New form? click here (if you have never filled out the form)

2. Critical beam change request

Please fill the form below to request a critical change in the beam conditions with respect to the approved ones:

Critical beam change request

A critical beam change is a change in the beam conditions that requires review by the ATLAS safety committees. A critical beam changes include: increment in maximum beam energy or intensity, use of different end station, use of different beam species, beam time extension/reduction.

Notes on the scheduling process

The scheduling process is continuously ongoing with communication between ATLAS personnel and the Principal Investigator (PI) of each experiment approved by the PAC.

Please contact Mrs. Barbara Weller ( or go to here for your travel arrangement as far in advance of your arrival as possible.

Legacy ATLAS schedule

ATLAS Schedule