ATLAS Schedules

Beamtime at ATLAS is normally scheduled in two-month blocks. We make every effort to produce an accurate schedule at least two weeks prior to its approval in a scheduling meeting. The scheduling process is continuously ongoing with communication between ATLAS personnel and the Principal Investigator (PI) of each experiment approved by the PAC. Follow the link at the left to learn more about the considerations that go into producing an ATLAS schedule.

Experiments start at 8:00AM of the first scheduled date, and end at 8:00AM of the next day of the last scheduled date.

If you have any comments or concerns regarding this situation, please contact the ATLAS User Liaison Physicist (Shaofei Zhu,, the Scientific Director of ATLAS (Guy Savard,, or members of the ATLAS Users Group Executive Committee. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please contact Mrs. Barbara Weller ( or go to here for your travel arrangement as far in advance of your arrival as possible.

Atlas Schedule