Theory Seminars held in the year 2005-2006

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30 May 2006
Special Day: Tuesday
Dean J. Lee
North Carolina State University
[email protected]
A new type of superfluid
25 May 2006 José Goity
Hampton University & Jefferson Lab
[email protected]
The 1/Nc Expansion in Baryons
23 May 2006
Special Day and Time: Tuesday, 10:30am
Bogdan Mihaila
Los Alamos National Laboratory
[email protected]
Solving the effective interaction puzzle in ultracold fermionic atom gases
April 27th 2006
Robin Santra
Argonne National Laboratory (CHM)
[email protected]
Calculating resonances using a complex absorbing potential
3 April 2006
Special Day and Time: Monday, 10:30am
Huang Fei
Institute for High Energy Physics, Beijing
[email protected]
Resonating group method study of baryon-meson systems in a chiral quark model
14 February 2006 Special Date: Tuesday Ian Cloet
University of Adelaide, Australia
[email protected]
DIS from nuclear targets and the polarized EMC effect
7 February 2006 Special Date: Tuesday Sarah Lawley
University of Adelaide, Australia
[email protected]
Deconfinement and color superconductivity in hybrid stars
2 February 2006 Ionel Stetcu
University of Arizona
[email protected]
The ab-initio no core shell model: theory and applications
31 January 2006 Special Date: Tuesday Olga Lakhina
University of Pittsburgh
[email protected]
Meson Form-Factors and Decay Constants
17 January 2006 Special Date: Tuesday Herry Kwee
College of William and Mary
[email protected]
Theta+ Photoproduction in a Regge Model
15 December 2005 Michael Pichowsky
Transmarket Group LLC
[email protected]
Financial Market Making:
A physicist's guide to futures trading
8 December 2005 Michael Ramsey-Musolf
[email protected]
Baryogenesis and Electric Dipole Moments
2 November 2005
Special Date, Time 10:30am
Nicolas Michel
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
[email protected]
Description of loosely bound and resonant states with Gamow expansion techniques
27 October 2005 Daniel Almehed
University of Surrey
[email protected]
'Nuclear tidal waves' in high-K bands in the 182-Os region
20 October 2005
Special Time 11:00am
Gergana Stoitcheva
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
[email protected]
Shifted Contour Monte-Carlo method for Nuclear Structure
18 October 2005
Special Date
Ilya Narodetskii
ITEP, Moscow, Russia
[email protected]
Theoretical issues of pentaquarks
26 August 2005
Special Date, Time 10:30am
Jean-Philippe Lansberg
University of Liege, Belgium
[email protected]
Forward and Off-forward parton distributions of the pion
11 August 2005 Rocco Schiavilla
Jefferson Lab and Old Dominion University
[email protected]
Two-body electrodisintegration of 3He and 4He at high momentum transfer
19 July 2005
Special Date, Time
Ronald Redmer
University of Rostock, Germany
[email protected]
The hydrogen-helium EOS at high pressures: Planetary interiors
13 July 2005
Special Date
Hiroyuki Sagawa
University of Aizu, Japan
[email protected]
Neutron Skin Thickness and Equation of State in Asymmetric Nuclear Matter

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