Waltzing to the Nuclear Limits

A Symposium in Honor of Lee Riedinger
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
February 25 - 27, 2011

A conference honoring Lee Riedinger will be held at The Sea Pines Resort on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Feb. 25-27, 2011. The conference will begin Friday late afternoon and end by noon on Sunday. Saturday will have morning and late afternoon sessions, allowing for time to enjoy the area before, during and after the conference

Hilton Head is easily reachable by air to Savannah, Georgia (1 hour away) and Hilton Head itself (10 minutes away), There is a major international airport in Charlotte, North Carolina with connections to Savannah and Hilton Head. Hilton Head is also easily driveable from a number of places in the southeast.

Important Deadlines

January 28: Hotel reservation deadline
January 14: Early registration deadline ($200 if pay before January 14)
January 24: Partial support request deadline
February 10: Registration deadline ($250 if pay after January 14 or at the meeting)
February 1: Poster title submission deadline (use registration form)

Registration and Support

Please click on the Registration page tab on the left to register for the Conference and find details for reserving your lodging. We encourage graduate students and postdocs to attend and present posters. The Symposium may be able to provide partial support for some graduate students and post-docs who present a poster. To inquire, please contact Professor Daryl Hartley no later than January 24 at [email protected] with your name, institution (advisor if graduate student), the title of your poster, and a short statement of the benefits of this conference to your research.


The conference will cover a wide variety of topics in nuclear structure, with a focus on the extremes, including the limits of angular momentum, and of binding and exotic topologies in nuclei far from stability. Shell structure and single particle motion (reflecting Maria Goeppert Mayer's analogy of nucleonic motion as a femtoscopic waltz) as well as residual interactions (pairing, proton-neutron interactions and more) will constitute an important topic. This includes the breakdown of shell structure, now frequently being seen, the stability of the heaviest nuclei, and mapping the drip lines. Collective modes and structural evolution across the wide spans of nuclei that are now becoming available will form another focus, including possibilities for new manifestations of correlated behavior in nuclei. Finally, the opportunities presented by current and new exotic beam facilities will be explored. Lee Riedinger has played an important role in many of these areas and the conference will honor his career achievements.


Rick Casten, Yale University
Jolie Cizewski, Rutgers University
Ani Aprahamian, University of Notre Dame
Mike Carpenter, Argonne National Laboratory
Filip Kondev, Argonne National Laboratory
Daryl Hartley, United States Naval Academy
Witek Nazarewicz, University of Tennessee/Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Mark Riley, Florida State University


If you should have any questions about the symposium, please direct inquiries to either:
Rick Casten ( [email protected] ) or Mike Carpenter ( [email protected] )