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Additional information is needed for on-site access for non-US citizens who are not ATLAS Users.
To download the form as a word document or pdf file, please go to the ATLAS user website

Please return information to Barbara Weller by July 10, 2009.


REGISTRATION Fees (If paying by check, please make check payable to: Argonne National Laboratory)

Registration fee of $25 will be mailed?

Pay at time of registration?

Please state if you have special dietary needs.



Below are several area lodging facilities with rates and telephone numbers. Please make your reservation directly with the hotel. If you stay at the LaQuinta, let them know this is for Argonne in order to get the Argonne rate.

Argonne Guest House                                               LaQuinta

9700 South Cass Avenue, Bldg. 460                        855 79th St

Argonne, Illinois 60439                                            Willowbrook, Illinois 60527

800.632.8990 or 630.739.6000                                 630.654.0077

Fax: 630.739.1000                                                     Fax: 630.654.0181

E-mail:[email protected]                     Single: $55/night + tax

Single: $70/night + tax

Double: $70/night + tax



Arrival date: Departure date:


Following are available limousine services between O'Hare or Midway Airport and Argonne (cost is approximately $42 one-way). To make advance reservations call:

United Livery Service - 630.969.3865 or Out-of-State: 800.331.9037 Fax: 630.969.8976

A1 Limousine: 630.833.3788 or Out-of-State: 800.354.5849 Fax: 630.833.3873

For site access, you must present your original passport, original visa and/or I-94 or I-94W (Departure Record). If the expiration date on the I-94 or I-94W reads D/S (Duration of Status), you must present the supporting immigration documentation (i.e., I-20, DS-2019). Failure to do so may deny your access to the site.

Payment can be sent to: Barbara Weller, Argonne National Lab, Bldg. 203, 9700 S. Cass Ave. Argonne, IL 60439

Phone: 630.252.4044 Fax: 630.252.2864