Saturday, August 8 (Bldg. 203 Auditorium)

8:45 - 9:15                   Registration & Coffee

9:15 - 9:30                   Welcome & introduction to the meeting:            W. Loveland

                                     An updated Strategic Plan: Why?                     R. Janssens

9:30 - 10:00                 Status of ATLAS (& Energy Upgrade)                R. Pardo

10:00 - 10:30               Status of CARIBU                                               R. Pardo & G. Savard

10:30 - 10:45               Coffee

10:45 - 12:45               Status report on existing equipment & Planned Upgrades*:

                                    10:45 - 11:00   HELIOS                                    A. Wuosmaa

                                    11:00 - 11:15  Gammasphere                          M. Carpenter

                                    11:15 - 11:30  GRETINA at ATLAS                   K. Lister/ I.-Y. Lee

                                    11:30 - 11:45  FMA & X-Array                           D. Seweryniak

                                    11:45 - 12:00  Laser Lab.                                 P. Mueller

                                     12:00 - 12:15 CPT etc.                                    J. Clark

                                    12:15 - 12:45 Other (Tape systems etc.)*        B. Back

*: we welcome contributions by Users on other existing or proposed detector systems and will adjust the schedule accordingly

12:45 - 13:45               Lunch (R150)

13:45 - 14:45               ATLAS Efficiency and Intensity Upgrade

                                                The Science                                         G. Savard

                                                The Implementation                              P. Ostroumov

14:45 - 15:00               Introduction to the Working Groups:                 R. Janssens

                                    Preparing the Strategic Plan

15:00 - 15:30               Coffee

15:30 - 18:00               Working Groups - Session 1 - Focus on Physics

                                                1: Nuclear Structure (Auditorium)

                                                            Conveners:  D. Hartley, P. Fallon and M. Carpenter

                                                                  Nuclear Structure around 100Sn

                                                                             Darek Seweryniak (ANL)

                                                                  In pursuit of triaxial deformation using stable and radioactive beams

                                                                             Daryl Hartley (USNA)

                                                                  Negative-parity structures in fission fragments

                                                                             David Kulp (Georgia Tech)

                                                                  Proton transfer using RIB + 7Li reactions at ATLAS

                                                                             Chris Chiara (Maryland)

                                                                  Excited-state g-factor measurements: recoil in vacuum with CARIBU beams

                                                                             Andrew Stuchbery/Robert Janssens (ANU/ANL)

                                                                  Studies of nuclear binding energies at the CPT

                                                                             Rick Casten (Yale)

                                                                  Lifetime measurements in RDDS or fast timing

                                                                             Volker Werner (Yale)

                                                                  Heavy Element studies at ATLAS

                                                                             Walter Loveland (OSU)

                                                                  Structure of super heavy elements

                                                                             Andreas Heinz (Yale)

                                                                  Superheavy nuclei: single-particle energies & limits

                                                                             Teng Lek Khoo (ANL)

                                                                  Pursuit of evidence for tetrahedral shapes in nuclei

                                                                             Lee Riedinger (UTK)

                                                                  Intruder States approaching the island of inversion

                                                                             Sam Tabor (FSU)

                                                                  Some ideas for a future plan of research at ATLAS

                                                                             Xiaofeng Wang (FSU)

                                                                  Measurements of magenetic moments of ps states of nuclei far from stability

                                                                             Noemie Koller (Rutgers)

                                                2: Nuclear Reactions and Nuclear Astrophysics (R150)

                                                            Conveners: A. Wuosmaa and E. Rehm

                                                                  12+3: Possibilities for AMS experiments at ATLAS

                                                                            Phillipe Collon (Notre Dame)

                                                                  12+3: Single-nucleon transfer between p-shell nuclei around 10 MeV/u

                                                                             Livius Trache (TAMU)

                                                                  12+3: (d, p gamma) as a surrogate for (n,gamma)

                                                                             William Peters (Rutgers)

                                                                  12+3: Decay spectroscopy - next up 14C

                                                                             Lee Sobotka

                                                                  12+3: Studying the (alpha,p) process at ATLAS

                                                                             Catherine Deibel (JINA)

                                                                  12+3: The 12C + 12C fusion reaction: a new opportunity at ATLAS

                                                                             Xiaodong Tang (JINA)

                                                                  Open discussions

                                                3: Fundamental Interactions (B221)

                                                            Conveners: J. Clark and P. Mueller

                                                                  12+5: Opportunities for laser spectroscopy and atom traps

                                                                             Peter Mueller (ANL)

                                                                  12+5: Plans for future mass measurements

                                                                             Jason Clark (ANL)

                                                                  12+5: Precise neutrino and neutron spectroscopy using trapped radioactive ions

                                                                             Nick Scielzo (LLNL)

                                                                  12+5: Mass measurements in the A=32 region

                                                                             Chris Wrede (University Washington)

                                                                  Open discussions

18:00 - 19:00               Supper (R150)

19:00 - 21:00               Working Groups - Session 2 - Focus on Instrumentation

                                                1: Nuclear Structure (Auditorium)

                                                            Conveners: W. Reviol, P. Woods and D. Seweryniak

                                                                  7+3: The GAMMASPHERE plunger

                                                                             Umesh Garg/Walter Reviol (Notre Dame/Washington University)

                                                                  7+3: Recoil Distance Method for lifetime measurements near N=Z line

                                                                             Krzysztof Starosta (NSCL)

                                                                  7+3: The beta-decay station for CARIBU

                                                                             Kim Lister (ANL)

                                                                  7+3: Towards nuclear spectroscopy with a position sensitive avalanche photo diode

                                                                             Lakshmi Soundara Pandian (U. Mass. Lowell)

                                                                  7+3: STARS at GAMMASPHERE

                                                                             Con Beausang (Richmond)

                                                                  7+3: CHICO experiments with CARIBU beams

                                                                             Doug Cline (Rochester)

                                                                  7+3: Towards Super Hercules and Nanoball

                                                                             Walter Reviol (Washington University)

                                                                  7+3: Prompt and delayed conversion electron spectroscopy of heavy nuclei

                                                                             Andreas Heinz (Yale)

                                                                  7+3: Gas-filled separator for nuclear structure experiments at ATLAS

                                                                             Darek Seweryniak (ANL)

                                                                  Open discussions

                                                2: Nuclear Reactions and Nuclear Astrophysics (R150)

                                                            Conveners: I. Wiedenhoever and B. Back

                                                                  15+5: ARRUBA + GAMMASPHERE

                                                                             Steve Pain (Paisley)

                                                                  15+5: The ANASEN Si array

                                                                             Ingo Wiedenhoever (FSU)

                                                                  15+5: Gas-filled spectrometer design

                                                                             Ken Gregorich (LBNL)

                                                                  15+5: The NSCL Active target TPC

                                                                             Aby Bickley (NSCL)

                                                                  10+2: Surrogate reactions

                                                                             Nick Scielzo (LLNL)

                                                                  10+2: HELIOS upgrades

                                                                             Birger Back (ANL)

                                                                  Open discussions

                                                3: Fundamental Interactions (B221)

                                                            Conveners: N. Scielzo and G. Savard

                                                                  Instrumentation for precise neutrino and neutron spectroscopy

                                                                  using trapped radioactive ions

                                                                             Nick Scielzo (LLNL)

21:00                           END Day 1

Sunday, August 9 (Bldg. 203 Auditorium)

8:15 - 8:30                  Coffee

8:30 - 10:30                 Reports of Working Groups (Conveners)

                                         Working Groups - Session 1 - Focus on Physics

                                               Nuclear Structure

                                               Nuclear reactions and nuclear astrophysics

                                               Fundamental interactions

                                         Working Groups - Session 2 - Focus on Instrumentation

                                               Nuclear Structure

                                               Nuclear reactions and nuclear astrophysics

10:30 - 11:00               Coffee

11:00 - 11:30               General Discussion (W. Loveland and R. Janssens)

11:30 - 12:30               Conclusions of the workshop & homework assignments:

                                    Next steps toward the Strategic Plan

Suggested questions for the discussion sessions:

        What are the most important physics questions that you plan to study at ATLAS over the next five years?

        How do these questions relate to the ATLAS Strategic Plan & the ATLAS efficiency and intensity upgrade plans? For further information see:

        How do these questions relate to the national priorities as expressed in

(1)   the 2007 NSAC Long Range Plan and,

(2)   the DOE-OMB performance measures?

        What other developments in accelerator capabilities and instrumentation do you envision as being needed to optimize your research program at the facility? Consider options included in the current plans and new possibilities.

        Did you identify other important issues that the Executive Committee of the ATLAS User Group and the ATLAS management should make a priority for the facility?

For a copy of this document in PDF format, please click here.