Registered Participants

Last Name First Name Organization Email
Abu Saleem Khalifeh University of Jordan [email protected]
Aprahamian Ani University of Notre Dame [email protected]
Ayangeakaa Akaa University of Notre Dame [email protected]
Back Birger Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Baktash Cyrus Department of Energy [email protected]
Beausang Cornelius University of Richmond [email protected]
Bedoor Shadi University of Western Michigan [email protected]
Bickley Abigail Michigan State University [email protected]
Caldwell Shane University of Chicago [email protected]
Carpenter Michael Argonne National laboratory [email protected]
Casten Rick Yale University [email protected]
Chaudhuri Ankur Argonne National laboratory [email protected]
Chen Xinfeng Washington University [email protected]
Chiara Christopher University of Maryland [email protected]
Chowdhury Partha U. Mass. Lowell [email protected]
Chubarian Greg Texas A&M University [email protected]
Clark Jason Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Clark Roderick Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory [email protected]
Cline Douglas University of Rochester [email protected]
Collon Phillippe University of Notre Dame [email protected]
Couture Aaron Los Alamos National Laboratory [email protected]
Deibel Catherine ArgonneNationalLaboratory/JINA [email protected]
DiGiovine Brad Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Fallon Paul Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory [email protected]
Gade Alexandra Michigan State University [email protected]
Garg Umesh University of Notre Dame [email protected]
Garrett Paul University of Guelph [email protected]
Gregorich Kenneth Lawrence Berkeley Nat. Lab. [email protected]
Hartley Daryl United States Naval Academy [email protected]
Hayes Adam University of Rochester [email protected]
Heinz Andreas Yale University [email protected]
Henning Walter Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Hoffman Calem Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Jackson Emily U. Mass. Lowell [email protected]
Janssens Robert Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Jenkins David University of York [email protected]
Jiang Cheng-lie Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Kay Benjamin Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Khoo Teng Lek Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Kolata James University of Notre Dame [email protected]
Koller Noemie Rutgers University [email protected]
Kondev Filip Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Korichi Amel CSNSM-IN2P3/CNRS [email protected]
Kulp David Georgia Technical University [email protected]
Lalkovski Stefan Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Lascar Daniel Northwesten University [email protected]
Lauritsen Torben Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Lee Hye Young Los Alamos National Laboratory [email protected]
Lee I Yang Lawrence Berkeley Nat. Lab. [email protected]
Lesher Shelly University of Wisconsin - La Crosse [email protected]
Li Gang McGill University [email protected]
Lister C.J. (Kim) Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Loveland Walter Oregon State University [email protected]
Marley Scott University of Western Michigan [email protected]
Matta James University of Notre Dame [email protected]
McCutchan Libby Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Mueller Peter Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Nolen Jerry Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Ostroumov Peter Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Pain Steve University of the West Scotland [email protected]
Pardo Richard Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Patel Darshana University of Notre Dame [email protected]
Patel Nidhi Colorado School of Mines [email protected]
Peters William Rutgers University [email protected]
Radford David Oak Ridge National Laboratory [email protected]
Ramayya A. V. Vanderbilt University [email protected]
Rehm Ernst Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Reviol Walter Washington University [email protected]
Riedinger Lee University of Tennessee [email protected]
Robertson Daniel University of Notre Dame [email protected]
Sarantites Demetrios Washington University [email protected]
Savard Guy Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Scielzo Nicholas Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory [email protected]
Segel Ralph Northwesten University [email protected]
Seweryniak Dariusz Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Sherrill Bradley Michigan State University [email protected]
Shetty Dinesh Western Michigan University [email protected]
Smith John University of the West Scotland [email protected]
Sobotka Lee Washington University [email protected]
Soundara Pandian Lakshmi U. Mass. Lowell [email protected]
Starosta Krzysztof Michgan State University [email protected]
Stoyer Mark Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory [email protected]
Sun Tao Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
Tabor Samuel Florida State University [email protected]
Tang XaioDong University of Notre Dame [email protected]
Toh Yosuke JAEA, Japan [email protected]
Torres Diego University of the West Scotland [email protected]
Trache Livius Texas A&M University [email protected]
Wang Xaiofeng Florida State University [email protected]
Wang Tzu-Fang Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory [email protected]
Werner Volker Yale University [email protected]
Wiedenhover Ingo Florida State University [email protected]
Wilson Anna Australian National University [email protected]
Wilson Christopher University of the West Scotland [email protected]
Woods Phil Edinburgh University [email protected]
Wrede Chris University Washington [email protected]
Wuosmaa Alan University of Western Michigan [email protected]
Zhu Shaofei Argonne National laboratory [email protected]