Physics Division Colloquium

Auditorium, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory

Fridays at 11:00 AM

2009-2010 Program

Please contact the host if you wish to arrange a discussion with the speaker.

11 Sep 2009 Paul E. Reimer , Argonne Physics Division
A Tale of Two Protons, or two tales of the Proton's sea
Host: Roy Holt
18 Sep 2009 Kevin Lesko, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
The Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory at Homestake
Host: Roy Holt
25 Sep 2009 Don Geesaman, Argonne Physics Division
A Long Range Plan for the DOE Isotopes Program
Host: Roy Holt
2 Oct 2009 Stuart J. Freedman, University of California at Berkeley and LBNL
Oscillating Neutrinos and Oscillating Decay Probabilities
Host: Libby McCutchan
9 Oct 2009 Rick Stevens, Argonne Computing, Environment and Life Sciences Directorate; Computer science and Computation Institute, University of Chicago
Building the Science Case for Exascale Computing
Host: Steve Pieper
16 Oct 2009 Fall DNP Meeting
Hawaii, 13-17 Oct
23 Oct 2009 Eric Hessels, York University
Progress towards Trapping Antihydrogen Atoms (The ATRAP Collaboration)
Host: Peter Mueller
30 Oct 2009 Tijana Rajh, Argonne Center for Nanoscale Materials
Healing of Nanoparticle Surfaces: An Opportunity for Improved Energy Conversion
Host: Roy Holt
6 Nov 2009 Joseph Carlson, Los Alamos
Rich Physics from Simple Interactions
Host: Steven Pieper
13 Nov 2009 Carlos Bustamante, U. California, Berkeley
Grabbing the Cat by the Tail: Single Molecule Studies of a Viral DNA Packaging Motor.
Host: George Crabtree
20 Nov 2009 Hugh Montgomery, Jefferson Laboratory
Exploring the Nature of Matter: Jefferson Lab and its plans
Host: Don Geesaman
27 Nov 2009 Thanksgiving - No colloquium
4 Dec 2009 Kevin E. Trenberth, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO
An update on climate change: Global warming coming ready or not!
Host: George Crabtree
11 Dec 2009 Janos Kirz, Stony Brook University and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
X-ray Microscopy - past, present and future
Host: George Crabtree
18 Dec 2009 Volker Koch, Lawrence-Berkeley Laboratory
The properties of strongly interacting matter: What have we (I) learnd from RHIC?
Host: Craig Roberts
25 Dec 2009 Christmas - No colloquium
1 Jan 2010 New Year's - No colloquium
8 Jan 2010 No colloquium
15 Jan 2010 Craig Hogan, Fermilab
Holographic Noise in Michelson Interferometers: a Direct Experimental Probe of Unification at the Planck Scale
Host: Murray Peshkin
22 Jan 2010 Richard J. Furnstahl , The Ohio State University
Density Functional Theory for Atomic Nuclei
Host: Steven Pieper
29 Jan 2010 Philippe Guyot-Sionnest, U. of Chicago
Sparse density of states in colloidal quantum dots, tuning energy relaxation and transport
Host: Tijana Rajh
5 Feb 2010 American Physical Society 2010 Tom W. Bonner Prize in Nuclear Physics talks:
Robert B. Wiringa, Argonne Physics Division
Nuclear Forces and the Universe
Steven C. Pieper, Argonne Physics Division
Finding Real Nuclei in Imaginary Time
Host: Roy Holt
12 Feb 2010 Ronald L. Walsworth , Harvard U.
Laser frequency combs for precision astrophysical spectroscopy
Host: Peter Mueller
19 Feb 2010 No colloquium
26 Feb 2010 R. G. Hamish Robertson, U. of Washington
Neutrino Physics for the Masses
Host: Walter Henning
5 Mar 2010 Darek Seweryniak, Argonne Physics Division
Exploration of Exotic Nuclei with Gammasphere and the Fragment Mass Analyzer
Host: Teng Lek Khoo
12 Mar 2010 George W. Crabtree, Argonne Materials Science Division
The Sustainable Energy Challenge
Host: Roy Holt
19 Mar 2010 Wendy Freedman, Carnegie Observatories, Pasadena, CA
The Giant Magellan Telescope
Host: Peter Mueller
26 Mar 2010 Bradley M. Sherrill, Michigan State U.
Designer Nuclei: A New Tool with New Applications
Host: Steven Pieper
2 Apr 2010 Russell J. Hemley, Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington
Materials, Energy, and Extreme Environments
Host: George Crabtree
9 Apr 2010 William Brooks, Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria
Coming Unglued: the Life and Times of Quasi-Free Quarks
Host: Kawtar Hafidi
16 Apr 2010 Peter Smith, U. of Arizona
The Journey of the Phoenix
Host: Teng Lek Khoo
23 Apr 2010 Michael Ramsey-Musolf, U. of Wisconsin
Nuclear Science and the New Standard Model
Host: Steven Pieper
30 Apr 2010 Elizabeth Ricard-McCutchan, Argonne Physics Division
Imagining Nuclei: Real time tests of ab-initio calculations
Host: Roy Holt
7 May 2010 Philip Kim, Columbia U.
Relativistic Quantum Physics at Your Pencil Tips: Dirac Fermion in Graphitic Carbon
Host: Roy J. Holt
14 May 2010 David Wineland, NIST Physics Laboratory
Quantum Computers and Raising Schrödinger's Cat
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu
21 May 2010 Birger Back, Argonne Physics Division
HELIOS: A new approach to nuclear structure studies in inverse kinematics
Host: Libby McCutchan
28 May 2010 Yuri Oganessian, Dubna
Heaviest Nuclei
Host: Robert Janssens
4 Jun 2010 Norbert Holtkamp, ITER, Catarache, France
Overview of the ITER Project
Host: Walter Henning

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