Don Geesaman>, Argonne Physics Division
A Long Range Plan for the DOE Isotopes Program
Argonne Physics Division Colloquium - 25 Sep 2009

The DOE Isotope Production Program, now named the Isotope Development and Production for Research and Applications (IDPRA) Program is a relatively small federal program (FY08 appropriation of $14.8M and isotope sales of $17.1M) that enables and is immersed in billion dollar enterprises including medical treatment, research, national security and commercial production and applications. In 2009, the Isotope Program was transferred to the DOE Office of Science's Office of Nuclear Physics, who charged the Nuclear Science Advisory Committee to establish a standing subcommittee to recommend a long-term strategic plan that will provide a framework for a coordinated implementation of the IDPRA Program. There are many challenges in both fact and perception which have led to misunderstanding and criticism of the program in the past. After all, "why can't they provide the isotope of choice for me for free". The rationale for and elements of the NSAC Isotopes Subcommittee's draft strategic plan will be discussed.

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