Student Lunch Talk

Conference Room R-150, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory
Monthly lunch seminar, third Wednesday of each month (mostly) at 12:00 noon


15 Jul 2015 Birger Back, Argonne Physics Division
Discoveries of Transuranium Elements--A Brief Overview
17 Aug 2015 Note: held on Monday this time
Ben Kay, Argonne Physics Division
Probing Nuclear Structure with Transfer Reactions
16 Sep 2015 Mike Carpenter, Argonne Physics Division
Digital DAQ's at ATLAS
21 Oct 2015 Melina Avila, Argonne Physics Division
ANCs at Sub-Coulomb Energies to Constrain Key α-Capture Reaction Rates
18 Nov 2015 Peter Mueller, Argonne Physics Division
Weak Interaction Study with Laser Trapped He-6 Atoms
16 Dec 2015 Ian Cloët, Argonne Physics Division
Unlocking the Secrets of QCD with the Dyson-Schwinger Equations
20 Jan 2016 Calem Hoffman, Argonne Physics Division
The Usefulness and Determination of Nuclear Single-Particle States
17 Feb 2016 Ernst Rehm, Argonne Physics Division
Accelerators in Astrophysics
16 Mar 2016 Jack Winkelbauer, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Argonne Physics Division
Studying the Nuclear Symmetry Energy with Heavy Ion Collisions
20 Apr 2016 Sean Kuvin, University of Connecticut and Argonne Physics Division
Measurement of 17F(d,n)18Ne at RESOLUT and the study of 17F(p,γ)
18 May 2016 Michael Bishof, Argonne Physics Division
Measuring the shape of radium atoms: searching for physics beyond the Standard Model with ultracold atoms
15 Jun 2016 Daniel Ayangeakaa, Argonne Physics Division
Shape coexistence and the role of axial asymmetry in neutron-rich Ge isotopes
20 Jul 2016 Simone Bottoni, Argonne Physics Division
Nuclear Structure Studies with Direct Reactions between Heavy Ions
17 Aug 2016 Jerry Nolen, Argonne Physics Division
Building a superconducting recoil separator for nuclear physics
and producing medical isotopes for cancer therapy
21 Sep 2016 Kalle Auranen, Argonne Physics Division
Spectroscopy of 197,199,201,203At
20 Oct 2016 Note: held on Thursday this time
Mary Burkey, University of Chicago and Argonne Physics Division
Searching for Tensor Currents in the Weak Interaction Using 8Li Beta Decay
16 Nov 2016 Mohammad Hattawy, Argonne Physics Division
New Generation Nuclear Physics via Measuring Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering Reactions
21 Dec 2016 No student lunch talk this month
18 Jan 2017 Rodney Orford, McGill University and Argonne Physics Division
Trapping at CARIBU and Mass Measurements for Millennials
15 Feb 2017 No student lunch talk this month
22 Mar 2017 Note: held on the fourth Wednesday of the month this time
Alessandro Lovato, Argonne Physics Division
Nuclear Physics on the Riviera: a Quantum Monte Carlo Perspective
12 Apr 2017 Note: held on the second Wednesday of the month this time
Robert Wiringa, Argonne Physics Division
Manhattan and the B-29
17 May 2017 Ben Kay, Argonne Physics Division
Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay and Nuclear Structure
Summer mini series over the next approximately 5 weeks -- usually 12 noon on Wednesday
28 Jun 2017 Note: held on fourth Wednesday of the month this time
Kawtar Hafidi, Director, Physics Division, Argonne
Informal discussion with grad students, co-op students, and postdocs
5 Jul 2017 Zach Conway: Accelerator Physics
12 Jul 2017 Melina Avila: Nuclear Astrophysics
Robert Wiringa: Nuclear Structure Theory
19 Jul 2017 John Greene: Accelerator Target Preparation
Jake Zappala: Atom Trapping
21 Jul 2017 (Friday) Ben Kay: Low Energy Nuclear Physics
Seamus Riordan: Medium Energy Nuclear Physics
16th Exotic Beam Summer School (July 23-29)
31 Jul 2017 (Monday) Adam Freese: QCD Theory
Student Oral Presentations:
Sophia Vojta, Acceleration Cavity Optimization for ACCIL
Jacob Heglund, JLEIC Linac Design and Beam Dynamics
Student Poster Presentations:
Joseph Pastore, QCD Evolution Of Generalized Parton Distributions
Ravyn Dickinson, Multi-Process Synchronization via Shared Memory Allocation for the ATLAS Control System
16 Aug 2017 No student lunch talk this month
20 Sep 2017 Whitney Armstrong, Argonne Physics Division, MEP
Physics with the Electron Ion Collider
18 Oct 2017 Adam Freese, Argonne Physics Division, Theory
Spatial Tomography of Hadrons
15 Nov 2017 Sereres Johnston, Argonne Physics Division, MEP
Search for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay in High Pressure Gas Xenon
20 Dec 2017 Cancelled for Holidays
17 Jan 2018 Jake Zappala, Argonne Physics Division, MEP
Investigating underground production of 81Kr and its impacts on radiokrypton dating
21 Feb 2018 Daniel Burdette, University of Notre Dame
Testing the weak interaction through precision beta-decay experiments
27 Mar 2018 Patrick Copp, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Decay Spectroscopy of Neutron-Rich Fission Products using Low-Energy CARIBU Beams
18 Apr 2018 Mohammad Hattawy, Argonne Physics Division, MEP
3D Partonic Structure of Nucleons and Nuclei
16 May 2018 Frank Cao, Argonne Physics Division, MEP
Using Kinematic Fitting to Select Exclusive Coherent Deeply Virtual Pion Production off Helium Events
Summer mini-series -- At noon on Tuesdays, except for the first week
27 June 2018 Sereres Johnston and Matt Dietrich
Neutrino's hidden nature: Double beta decay in Xenon
Atom Trapping in the Physics Division
3 July 2018 Melina Avila Coronado and Adam Freese
Nuclear astrophysics at ATLAS
Quantum chromodynamics: theory of the strong nuclear force
10 July 2018 Zach Conway and Ben Kay
An Overview of the Accelerator Development Group
Low Energy Nuclear Physics at ATLAS
17 July 2018 Seamus Riorden and Tom Polakovic
Taking Pictures of Protons, Neutrons, and Nuclei
Superconducting detectors of single photons and particles
24 July 2018 John Greene and Matt Gott
Accelerator Target Preparation - Physics Division Target Laboratory
Radiopharmacy and Isotope Production at Argonne
19 September 2018 David Blyth
Particle Tracking as a Neural Machine Translation Problem
28 November 2018 Shaofei Zhu
Studies of Octopole Correlation sin Atomic Nuclei
20 March 2019 Melina Avila
Nuclear Physics for the Understanding of X-ray Bursts
24 April 2019 Adam Freese
Adventures on the Light Front

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