Student Lunch Talk

Conference Room R-150, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory
Monthly lunch seminar, third Wednesday of each month (mostly) at 12:00 noon


15 Jul 2015 Birger Back, Argonne Physics Division
Discoveries of Transuranium Elements--A Brief Overview
17 Aug 2015 Note: held on Monday this time
Ben Kay, Argonne Physics Division
Probing Nuclear Structure with Transfer Reactions
16 Sep 2015 Mike Carpenter, Argonne Physics Division
Digital DAQ's at ATLAS
21 Oct 2015 Melina Avila, Argonne Physics Division
ANCs at Sub-Coulomb Energies to Constrain Key α-Capture Reaction Rates
18 Nov 2015 Peter Mueller, Argonne Physics Division
Weak Interaction Study with Laser Trapped He-6 Atoms
16 Dec 2015 Ian Cloët, Argonne Physics Division
Unlocking the Secrets of QCD with the Dyson-Schwinger Equations
20 Jan 2016 Calem Hoffman, Argonne Physics Division
The Usefulness and Determination of Nuclear Single-Particle States
17 Feb 2016 Ernst Rehm, Argonne Physics Division
Accelerators in Astrophysics
16 Mar 2016 Jack Winkelbauer, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Argonne Physics Division
Studying the Nuclear Symmetry Energy with Heavy Ion Collisions
20 Apr 2016 Sean Kuvin, University of Connecticut and Argonne Physics Division
Measurement of 17F(d,n)18Ne at RESOLUT and the study of 17F(p,γ)
18 May 2016 Michael Bishof, Argonne Physics Division
Measuring the shape of radium atoms: searching for physics beyond the Standard Model with ultracold atoms
15 Jun 2016 Daniel Ayangeakaa, Argonne Physics Division
Shape coexistence and the role of axial asymmetry in neutron-rich Ge isotopes
20 Jul 2016 TBA
17 Aug 2016 TBA
21 Sep 2016 TBA
19 Oct 2016 TBA

Benjamin Kay, Chair, (630) 252-4278 mail

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