Exotic Beam Summer School 2017: July 23-29, 2017

List of posters:

#, Author, "Poster Title"

1. Abel, "Half-Lives of 132La and 135La"
2. Budner, "Plans to Constrain the 30P(p,γ)31S Thermonuclear Reaction Rate by Measuring the Branching Ratio of 31Cl β-Delayed Protons"
3. Cicerchia, "A Study on 4 Reactions Forming 46Ti"
4. Falduto, "Study of the Isovector Optical Potential from Decay Cross Sections of the Neutron Rich 59Mn Compound Nucleus"
5. Forsythe, "Cosmic Radiation Effects on High-Temperature Superconductors for Deep Space Habitat Shielding"
6. Friedman, "Development of a Low-Background Proton Detector for Studying Low-Energy Resonances Relevant in Explosive Nucleosynthesis"
7. Gamage, "Status of CHIP-TRAP: The Central Michigan University High-Precision Penning Trap"
8. Graham, "CANREB Project at TRIUMF"
9. Grinder, "Study of Si-38 with TRIPLEX Plunger for Lifetime Measurement"
10. Henderson, "Measurements of Gamma Rays from 7Be and 7Li"
11. Kaya, "High Spin investigation of Neutron-Rich Nuclei near the N = 82 and Z = 50 Shell Closures"
12. Little, "Potential Upgrades to the LENA Detector System"
13. Morales, "St. George Focal Plane Detector System"
14. Moylan, "Simulation of HIPPO Gas-Jet Target with Geant4"
15. Nepal, "Measurement of Beta-Delayed Neutrons of Rapid Neutron Capture Process (r-Process) Isotopes with the BRIKEN Detector"
16. Nzabahimana, "Alpha-Alpha Scattering"
17. Pike, "Phase Stability in an Ion Irradiated Haynes 230 at High Temperatures"
18. Rubino, "Nuclear Structure from 18O + 26Mg Fusion Evaporation"
19. Sensharma, "Two-Phonon Wobbling in 135Pr"
20. Silwal, "Beta-Decay Study of 75Ga using HPGe Detectors"
21. Siwakoti, "Recent Updates on the β-Decay Study of 77Zn to 77Ga using LeRIBSS"
22. Surbrook, "Superallowed Beta Decay of 28S"
23. Ummel, "Astrophysics Unearthed: Measuring the Beam-Induced 13C(d,n) Background in Underground Nuclear Astrophysics Experiments"
24. Vadas, "Measuring the Fusion Cross-Section of 39,47K + 28Si at Near-Barrier Energies"
25. Wiederhold, "Fast-Timing Lifetime Measurement of 152Gd"
26. Zalewski, "The Comissioning of ACCULINNA 2"
27. Schmitt, "Establishing the (p,n) reaction as a new tool for studying proton-rich exotic nuclei"