Contact Information


Daniel Santiago-Gonzalez

Assistant Physicist

CARIBU Scientist

ATLAS User Liaison
(630) 252-6870

Daniel Santiago

Barbara Weller

Administrative Secretary
(630) 252-4044



Barbara Weller

Tom Mullen

Safety Engineer
(630) 252-2879



Tom Mullen

John P. Greene

Target Scientist
(630) 252-5364

Target Lab Homepage


John Greene

Beamline and Equipment Support


John Rohrer
(630) 252-4047

John Rohrer

Detector Support


Dale Henderson (STA)
(630) 252-3623





Brad DiGiovine
(630) 252-3623

Dale Henderson Brad DiGiovine




Phil Wilt
(630) 252-3969





Bruce Nardi
(630) 252-4057

Phil Wilt Bruce Nardi

Computers and DAQ



Ken Teh
(630) 252-3073






Torben Lauritsen
(630) 252-4026

Ken Teh Torben Lauritsen

Mechanical Engineering



Bruce Zabransky
(630) 252-4046

Bruce Zabransky

Users Office

3 Networked PCs for safty training
Bunk Rooms Two sleeping areas adjacent to ATLAS for Users during experiments