Safety at ATLAS

The Management and Staff at ATLAS and Argonne National Laboratory are fully dedicated to integrating safety into all aspects of work at our facilities. We believe that it is completely possible, and absolutely essenital, to carry out effective research programs without compromising safety. Indeed, the process of incorporating safety into accelerator operations and experimental research begins at the earliest stages. All experiments, equipment, and procedures are reviewed extensively for safety issues prior to their approval.

For onsite emergencies, call 911 on the internal phones
(or 252-1911 on cell phones)

Tom Mullen, Physics Division
Safety Engineer.

Please Note:

If you have any comments or concerns regarding safety at ATLAS, please contact the Physics Division Safety Officer, Tom Mullen ([email protected] - (630) 252-2879), the ATLAS User Liaison ([email protected]), or the Director of ATLAS (Guy Savard, [email protected] - (630) 252-4024). Further information can also be found on the Physics Division ESH web site.