Experiment Safety Considerations at ATLAS


For onsite emergencies, call 911 on the internal phones
(or 252-1911 on cell phones)

  • Equipment Safety Reviews are required whenever new equipment is brought in for an experiment. The review is conducted by the Physics Division safety committee. If you plan to bring in your own detectors or other equipment for an experiment, it will need to reviewed. If a safety review is required for your equipment, you will need to fill out a Hazard Analysis form.   Forms may be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the following links:

    Every experiment that is accepted by the PAC is reviewed for safety by one or more of the Physics Division safety committees.  Therefore, if you change anything about the experiment - even the characteristics of the beam - the experiment will need to be re-reviewed.  If  you do need to make any changes to the experiment, it is to your benefit to tell us as soon as possible so that we can do the necessary work on this end before you arrive.