General Safety Considerations at ATLAS


For onsite emergencies, call 911 on the internal phones
(or 252-1911 on cell phones)

Important general safety topics:

  • ATLAS requires that everyone in the facility must have successfully completed the ATLAS Site Specific Training and the ATLAS Radiation Worker I equivalent training within the past two years.  Please contact the ATLAS User Administrative Assistant (Barbara Weller) at extension 2-4044 if you need to take this training. 

    The only exception to the above two requirements occurs for those people signed into the facility as guests of another who has received the required training and is present with them and wearing a TLD.

  • Tornado shelters are located in the hallway just outside the ATLAS control room and in the break room on the service level near the front of Building 203. If a tornado warning should occur, proceed immediately to the nearest shelter.


  • Medical emergencies should be reported by calling 911. The ANL fire department will respond and provide assistance.


  • Two-person rule will be in effect at times when there is only one ATLAS operator on duty. The experimental group is expected to provide someone who can serve as a safety backup should the operator need to work out in the accelerator areas. This individual just needs to be available if required, i.e., reachable by phone or pager. It is the responsibility of the PI of the experiment to coordinate a safety backup with ATLAS operations personnel.