ECRIS 2008
18th International Workshop on ECR Ion Sources
Chicago, Illinois  USA - September 15 - 18, 2008
Chicago Skyline

Hosted by Argonne National Laboratory

Chicago Theater

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Meeting attendees can submit, view, and search abstracts on the ECRIS08 area of JACoW.

Abstract submission is now closed. Posters may still be accepted, although it would not be included in the abstract book at the workshop, it would be included in the proceedings. If you are interested in submitting a Poster, please contact Richard Pardo at

Submission Guidelines

  • The abstract should be a concise one-paragraph summary of the major points of your research in 1200 characters (about 250 words).
  • The abstract system accepts only plain ASCII text; no subscripts and superscripts, special math symbol, characters not found in American English, etc. (This refers to abstracts. Your eventual manuscript will be fully formatted, preferably in Word although LaTeX will be accepted if necessary.)
  • The abstract should be entered as one continuous paragraph—no carriage returns.
  • Equations are usually not appropriate for abstracts.
  • The “auspices” (acknowledgement of funding) should not exceed 200 characters.
  • Footnotes, if used in the abstract, should also be limited to 200 characters. Put each one on a line of its own by using a carriage return.
  • After submission, the next window will allow you to designate the co-authors; the primary or “corresponding” author; and the presenting author. By default, the person who submits the abstract is assumed to be both the corresponding author and the presenter. Be sure to enter all co-author names so that they will appear in the index.
  • You may log in and change your abstract and the related information (such as author lists) at any time until mid June. Then we will close the abstract database and begin our committee work.

Accessing the JACoW Abstract Submission Database

  • Log in to the ECRIS08 JACoW database to submit and manage abstracts.
  • If you do not have a JACoW account, you can create one at that same link. The same account will be used later for submittal of your manuscript.
  • During the submission process, you will be asked to categorize your abstract by subject matter and to express a preference for oral or poster presentation.
  • The deadline for abstracts is June 15th.

Manuscript & Presentation Submission
At this time, the website is not yet ready to receive manuscripts. If you would like to send your manuscript early you may email it to Maria Power at

The deadline for manuscript submission is the last day of the workshop, September 18th.

The format requirements are described in the JACoW manuscript templates.  The JACoW templates for Word make it easy to produce these results, and they show an example of a properly formatted paper. Authors may find this information (adapted from the ICALEPCS instructions by Charlie Horak) helpful in coping with special situations, deciding how best to use the JACoW templates, or attempting to produce JACoW-compatible documents in programs other than Word.

JACoW (PAC/EPAC-like) templates preferably using Word (preferred) will be used for the manuscript preparation. There is no maximum number of pages required.

Everyone giving a presentation at BIW08 is required to write a paper for the Proceedings. 

What to Submit

  • A properly formatted Word or OpenOffice document. If you upload only one thing, this should be it.
  • A PostScript file made from that document. The Adobe PostScript driver gives the most consistently good results.
  • Preferably, a separate file containing each original illustration in its native format. For an appearance of uniform high quality, we will make our own PDF files in a standardized way. We usually do not use author-created PDFs.

Oral Presentations
Presentations need to be in PowerPoint or PDF format and can be submitted through JACoW.  If the presentation has not been submitted ahead of time or if there are changes, it must be brought to the Session Chair at least 15 minutes prior to the session.  There will be no overhead or slide projector available.  Please allow 5 minutes at the end of your presentation for questions.

Several computers and a black and white printer will available in the workshop computer room, located in the workshop office.  These computers will be configured with the same versions of software as the presentation computer (Office 2003 and Acrobat Reader).

Poster boards will be available along with push pins. The usable poster board size is 45” x 91” (114 x 231 cm). Posters can be installed at anytime before the poster session and should be removed at the end of the session.

The poster session will take place Monday, September 15th, 15:30-18:00 in the Chicago Room North.

You may put your poster up any time after 08:30 on the day of the poster session.  Your poster must be on display by 15:00.

Your assigned poster number is the same number on your abstract.  The assignments will also be on display at the poster area.  Please mount your poster on the board labeled with that number.

Please remove your poster by the end of the Tuesday oral sessions. 

The workshop proceedings will be published through the Joint Accelerator Conference Website (JACoW). The workshop proceedings will be archived by JACoW and available worldwide through the JACoW servers. In addition each participant will be provided with a flash-drive of the proceedings. You may also request a paper version of the proceedings if that is your preference.